The Greatest Stocking Stuffer Idea List Ever.

A few days ago I posted a question to Facebook, asking friends for suggestions on stocking stuffers for the boys that were inexpensive but not junk. I got such a great response that I decided to turn the answers into a blog post so that I have this for reference next year, too, and I thought it might be helpful for some of you out there, too.

Feel free to add your ideas in the comments, and share it/post it/pin it for others to see, too!

1. Flashlights
2. Yo-yos
3. Card games (Uno, Skipbo, Monopoly Deal, Go Fish, Old Maid, etc…)
4. Mad Libs
5. Little brain teasers (like these or these)
6. Matchbox cars (or, right now, Disney Pixar Cars cars)
7. Chapstick (remember to remove from stocking before lighting the fireplace – thanks, Adriane!)
8. Fun bandaids
9. Small packages of snacks (usually found in the checkout)
10. Baseball cards
11. Clip-on book lights (these are usually easy to find at Christmastime in the book section at Target)
12. DVDs
13. Fun socks
14. Candy coins
15. Coloring books
16. Sudoku or crossword puzzle books
17. Ornament
18. Art supplies (special colored pencils, etc)
19. New toothbrushes
20. Apples and oranges (good space fillers:) )
21. Small Lego sets (like from Target’s stocking stuffer section)
22. Lego minifigs
23. Whoopie cushions
24. This idea that I LOVE from my friend Lauren: “Every year in their stockings, I give a “gift certificate” for a “Meal of Your Choice – must be presented at least 24 hours prior to meal.” The kids love this. And we have some pretty weird meals – they get to pick everything down to the drink and dessert – must include at least one fruit/vegetable and it has to be something eaten in our kitchen at home (no restaurants). I make it look official and sign the bottom of it and it has an expiration date (by the next Christmas).
25. Bubble bath or colored soap (FYI – Bath tub crayons will stain many tubs, so beware! UPDATED: Suzanne says to use the Magic Eraser on it – comes right off! Thanks, Suzanne!)
26. Gum
27. Highlights Hidden Pictures book
28. Carabiners
29. Glow-in-the-dark or other fun shoelaces
30. Scotch tape and construction paper
31. Miniature Lincoln Logs (not finding these on Amazon…a friend said Rural King in Effingham, IL carries them)
32. Sunflower seeds
33. Lego headlamps (the Diehl boys will all be sporting these on Christmas day!) {Don’t forget to shop through ebates for an additional 6% back on your purchase if you buy these!)
34. $5-10 gift card to a breakfast place for a special breakfast with Dad
36. Popcorn balls
37. Pictures of the kids at events they’ve participated in (fun runs, etc)
38. Barrel of monkeys
39. Hexbugs
40. Flarp
41. Earbuds for ipods
42. Magnetic poetry sets
43. Pez

What do you have to add?

14 responses to “The Greatest Stocking Stuffer Idea List Ever.

  1. Okay, I have to admit that I’ve put “flarp” in the boys’ stockings. Gross, I know! But it’s amazing how much fun two boys can have making pretend (gross bodily noises). I can’t believe I admitted that!

  2. I kind of wish my kids were into Legos. I LOVED them as a kid & they are so much cooler now. Santa always puts an orange in each stocking – inspiration from this book: (I had it as a kid too.) AND Pez always make their way into our stockings. 🙂 Great list!

  3. Love the list Nicole. Best ive seen yet!!! I especially love the meal gift certificate. Do you tell your boys Santa leaves some and you leave some in their stockings or does Santa leave it all? Just curious.

    • Well, only JH believes in Santa, so I think we’ll go the “some are from Santa, some are from us” route. Santa just isn’t a really big deal in our house, so I think that will be fine.

  4. Awesome list! I’m all for the flarp, boys love body noises, also I’m going to put ear buds for their ipods and I’ve found magnetic poetry sets that are really awesome! One tip on the chapstick or any “meltable” make sure you take it down before you light the fireplace!

  5. Another thought is hex bugs. They have little Christmas ones in the Christmas section at Target for $4.99.

  6. i’ve never had a problem getting the crayola tub crayon markings off – i just use a magic eraser. great list.

  7. Besides a few of the other ideas on your list (awesome list by the way!!), Nick is getting a Barrel of Monkeys in his stocking this year. Mike and I decided we might have to borrow it sometime…looks so fun and brings back memories!

  8. I like to put in my sons stocking a can of kids shaving cream and a razor (fake) that comes with the shaving cream most of the time and my son and his dad shave together in the mornings and he thinks it is so cool. ( he’s 3)

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