**Warning: scattered thoughts ahead…but I’m short on time and have been mulling this over all day, so I decided to write it.**

**Also, please note that in my previous post, I talked about a way to save $64 over 18 months time…a significant-enough amount of money for me to mention it. And now I’m talking about 250 million dollars. Totally the same thing.**

Of course, like many Cardinal fans, I was incredibly disappointed to hear that Albert Pujols would not, in fact, be finishing his career here in St. Louis.

I keep hearing people say “it’s about more than the money” but really, I’d love to know what it IS about if it’s not the money. Because on the surface, it certainly looks like a simple case of money talks.

He’s leaving a city full of adoring fans, the place that has been his home for 11 years.

Maybe he needs a challenge.

Maybe there’s front office stuff that no one knows about that is prompting him to get out of dodge.

I pray that he chose more money because there’s so much need in the world, and he knows he can be a good steward of an additional 30 million dollars over the next 10 years. I hope that Anaheim will welcome him with open arms (I mean, for real, who wouldn’t?), and that his family and foundation will flourish there in a way it may not have been able to had he stayed here.

I think that fans who are feeling deserted/disappointed/bitter have every right to feel that way…we were told it was about “loyalty” and “wanting to be a career Cardinal” for quite a while, and we believed him.

HOWEVER, this nonsense about needing guards at the statue outside his restaurant, and the defacing of his jersey, and all of that? It’s disgusting. That’s not who Cardinals fans are. I implore of those fans acting like this to remember that the world is watching. And so are your kids. And so are mine.

We don’t know the whole story, and we probably never will. I understand the desire to know it, as he is a public figure, and it would be more than decent of him to tell it to a city that’s loved him for so long. But it is what it is.

And like I said on Facebook, it could have been worse…he could have ended up with the Cubs, and that would have been a bitter pill to swallow.

Spring training games start in 9 weeks, give or take. Go Cards.

6 responses to “Pujols.

  1. Your thoughts aren’t scattered; I think you’ve put them together very well! This whole thing is even kinda sad to me, and I’m not even a sports fan. Your 4th to last paragraph is so true!

  2. I like the perspective you took. Very disappointing moment in Cardinal history. But, my response was – baseball is a team effort and Pujols was one player. The Cardinals have a line-up full of stars. My hope is that the money the Cards are saving will go to hard workers who have earned a raise (Freeze, etc.). Maybe we can finally get some pitching – it never hurts to dream 🙂

  3. Who’s Pujols?

  4. Would you like to rewrite or add anything to this after seeing or reading anything Albert and his wife have said in the media the past few days? When I turned on the tv and saw the breaking news I thought for sure I had taken too many Percocet and was hallucinating.

    • Hmmm…well, I hate that they’re getting such a horrible response from the public, because I really do think that they’re good people. However, I don’t think that the Cardinals should have paid him even what they were offering, and I get the sense that his presence in the clubhouse was not overall a very positive, encouraging one for younger players. I do think that the Cardinals missed the boat by not being more personal in the dealings…and that it’s baffling that Albert was won over by a 30 minute phone call by Moreno.

      In the end, Albert is a person and should be treated with dignity and respect. But he’s got to understand that his body, his physical condition in 10 years, that’s a commodity. It’s not crazy of the Cardinals to be concerned that they might be paying a 42-year-old who isn’t that great anymore 22 million dollars a year.

      I think he and his slick agent made a GIANT mistake by not having Albert address the STL media immediately with a “this was a difficult decision, we have loved our time here, but needed to make the best choice for our family” bit. Not doing that, and having the first reference to how STL would still love him (as he’s talking from the podium in Anaheim, and I respect that he didn’t use that platform for the speech he should have done days prior), was very presumptuous of him and I think shows a general disregard to the fact that fans feel jilted.

      Ah. That’s all 🙂

  5. Go Cards! And I agree with you Nicole.

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