A Glimpse of Christmas

This Christmas/Advent season is simply not going as planned…I’ll recap when I catch my breath at some later, unknown-but-I-sincerely-hope-it-exists date.

And I’m well aware of the fact that my blog is just for fun, but I do hate when I don’t update it regularly…it just starts to feel like time is going by without documentation of the daily and seemingly-mundane things that later, seem so much less mundane.ย  I’ve been blogging long enough to know that looking through the archives can give me a fun, informative picture of what life was like at any particular time. I’m eager to get back to regular posting!

But, we are having fun in the midst of the crazy. Here’s a peek…

9 responses to “A Glimpse of Christmas

  1. What a fun bunch of photos!! I never did the “decorate your own cookie” routine, so kudos to you for doing this w/ them every year! I’m assuming they’re all pleased as can be w/ their masterpieces!

    JH wearing his tie all day: sooooo cute!

    Chex Mix: I’ve had this on my list, thinking I’m going to get it done early this year & just stick it out in the garage. However, I just don’t trust myself yet, so it remains on the list.

    Your front hall looks awesome!!! ONE of these years, I/we need to run over to your house during Dec and see your decorations!

  2. I wonder if TJ’s or Whole Foods would have organic food coloring… I feel you on that one. Great pics! December is a blaze for us too. I’m still excited for Christmas, but eager for January! And those are sweet pics of the boys with their toys.

    • Yeah, I’ve got to look into that before next Christmas, which is pretty much the only time I use food coloring, but the more I read about it, the more disturbed I am.

  3. Your MIL makes THE BEST chex mix ever! (although there are a handful of things she “specializes” in) Love the decorated cookies! And the pictures are so typical of all families – memories/blackmail for the future.

  4. NO day is mundane when you have 3 small children! If I were wearing a hat I would tip it in your general direction. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You’ll have to clue me into the food coloring thing. Unaware. And did you ever post pics of the blue furniture you painted? (remember, you took a poll for what color you should paint it?) Anyway, love how it turned out!

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