The One Where My Laziness Saved The Day.

I don’t know that I can think of an instance where my laziness and ability to overlook things came as handy as it did on Christmas Eve as we were exiting the minivan to head into church.

But let me back up a minute…

On Tuesday afternoon, the two older boys went over to play with their friend Adam. Adam’s mom Ginger is a friend of mine, and I’m always happy when she hands me a pair of Adam’s outgrown Keens for my boys to wear. This time, it wasn’t sandals like we have, but a pair of lace-up brown leather shoes in great shape similar to these. And though Adam is in 1st grade like Bennett, he’s at least as tall as Luke (probably taller) and has about the same size foot.

I sat the shoes on the back seat of the van that doesn’t have a booster seat on it. And I left them there repeatedly, many times looking at them when my hands were full and thinking I’d go back out to the van for them and then getting distracted by something shiny and forgetting to go back out there, and then repeating that cycle the next time I came in from the van.

Thankfully, I kept walking away from them for four days, because on Saturday, when Luke got out of the van at church wearing a nice pair of khakis and a shirt and tie AND HIS TOTALLY BEAT UP SNEAKERS, I nearly freaked out at him. I mean, seriously…he’s 9. He knows I allow Chuck Taylors that aren’t nasty or church shoes (which, ahem, I still haven’t bought him). He really had no excuse for putting them on other than they were right by the door when he left the house and he didn’t want to go upstairs for the shoes he needed. I was especially irritated because our family was being greeters at the doors to the church, and Luke looked like a ragamuffin.

Just as I was about to close the van door in a huff, I saw them, surrounded by a heavenly light…the shoes!

I made him kick off his nasty old shoes and put on the Keens. They were a tiny bit snug, but completely tolerable, and I think he knew better than to complain given that he’d made a bad choice leaving the house.

So here’s to laziness!

10 responses to “The One Where My Laziness Saved The Day.

  1. Just gotta appreciate those little moments when the stars align!

    I can identify. I’m that woman who, if ever caught in a bad snowstorm in the wilderness, could survive for a long time by building & maintaining a large fire, as well as eating a limited menu, from the contents of my van.

    • Limited menu…HA! Mine would only be old gross french fries, I think. And raisins that Jack Henry loses from his trail mix. So yes, I would starve or die of panic from the thought of starving.

  2. You get big bonus points for using the term ragamuffin…. Have not heard that in years, but I love it. My mom used that to describe my appearance on more than one occasion. Kudos for the save. Moms just have it like that….Dads too when we are lucky…

  3. It’s times like this one that you know your mother is watching over you…..

  4. Not sure if the duct tape craze has hit St. Louis with your boys, but it was big in Effingham this summer. Kids were making duct tape wallets, bags, belts, and even shoes. A friend of mine took her kids to VBS and her 6 year old got out of the vehicle wearing shoes made of duct tape! It cracked me up, but she was didn’t think it was funny.

  5. Ha! Love this! I’m so glad they were there for you! I am also happy to hear that other people do the same thing….look at something repeatedly thinking “I need to remember to do that….” but get distracted by something shiny (lol) and then the cycle continues! I hope they work for B or JH even though they were snug on Luke!

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