Christmas 2011: The Abridged, Recap, Cliff Notes Edition

Here we are, almost to New Year’s, and I’ve not posted about Christmas. I definitely want to record a few things, so here goes, in picture/bullet form:

*We continued our tradition of staying in STL until Christmas Day and then joining our families in Effingham. It’s perfect for us! Church was at 3pm on Christmas Eve, followed by homemade pizza at home for dinner, a roaring fire in the fireplace, and opening presents from Matt and me to the kids and vice-versa (lovely homemade gifts – the boys are so creative!), and Matt’s and my gifts to each other (more on those in the next post).

the canvas i made for them

who wants to see the normal pose? no one, that's who. this is much better.

he's awesome. and he has a really black eye.

luke loved his new cardinals calendar, especially because it has the whole schedule for next year printed on it!

jack henry and 2 favorites!

*Christmas morning: 2 presents from Santa + a few things in the stockings

lovin' the lego headlamps! please note that while i do not find it funny haha that B snapped his into his good (non-bruised) eye, i do find it funny ironic. only him.

*Christmas Day celebration with the Diehl family

old foosball table from great grandma's house!

i'm pretty proud of what i made for jeff (and heidi)! i used a chicago city street map to cut out the letters.

*Luke’s 9th birthday breakfast celebration on the 26th

nana jo got him a cupcake cake! check out will's cute face!

sheer joy! he REALLY wanted this wii game!

*UGH…I have NO pictures of the Pals family appetizer challenge! We used phyllo dough, and it was such a fun event. Followed all of the eating with presents with this side of the family.

will was hilarious during gift opening...of course, he kept thinking it was his turn, but he did great waiting, and was interested in everything that others opened.

*Back home on the 27th, spending our days watching movies, playing the Wii, building Lego sets, shooting hoops, and organizing the house.

perfect for the mild weather we're having right now!

I’ll be back soon with a post about family pictures, another about Matt’s and my Christmas gifts to each other, and tattoos. Maybe not in that order.

6 responses to “Christmas 2011: The Abridged, Recap, Cliff Notes Edition

  1. What a fun Christmas for the boys! They all still want fun things, and you get such cute reactions! What memory-makingK! 🙂

    You’ve certainly piqued my curiosity about tattoos!

  2. *memory-making

  3. Looks like a great Christmas!! Can you believe this weather? Does not feel like Christmas break!!

  4. the crazy family pic is the best.

  5. love my “sweet home chicago” gift!!!

  6. Sounds like my kind of Christmas! We had a wonderful one as well. God bless your family!

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