I Think We Just Started a Tradition.

Today is the last day before the kids go back to school. It’s been a fun, long, relaxing Christmas break, but all good things must come to an end, right? Plus, this mom needs some routine to return to her days, and at this point in the year, that means school needs to start back up and pronto.

We spent the morning around the house being pretty lazy, but around 11:30 I told everyone to get dressed so that we could go get some lunch somewhere.

After a brief debate (seriously, why do I even ask them where they want to go? Consensus on these issues is difficult.), we settled on Lion’s Choice for our meal, which was made even more perfect by the fact that we got there and realized that Wednesday is kids’ meal for $1.99 day. Score! Luke eats more than that so he needed a real meal, but still, we all ate for $13 and that included small chocolate dip cones after lunch.

i've gotta be honest; taking them all out for lunch by myself is a million times easier than it used to be, but it still requires a certain degree of psyching myself up before i attempt it. i'm sure you have no idea why that would be the case.

On the way there, I mentioned that it might be fun to talk about some goals for the new year, as I was just curious as to what they might come up with. Turns out that both older boys had already done some goal-setting at school before Christmas, so we just discussed how to be successful at those endeavors (mostly involving in-class things like staying focused during partner reading time, some writing goals, etc.).

And then at lunch, the conversation turned to Jack Henry, who, when asked if he could think of a goal for the year, said, “I don’t really know what goals are.”

The boys chuckled and explained it to him, and he immediately responded with, “When I grow up, I want Mom to teach me how to shoot a gun. So I can be good at my job.” (First ever and current job aspiration: police officer.)

Cue the giggling again around the table. I told him that yes, that is indeed a goal, but that his uncles or Papa will likely have to teach him this skill, since his mama hasn’t fired a gun since her early teen years (shooting cans with my dad).

At this point the conversation deteriorated far past being able to come up with a reasonable goal for Jack Henry, but no matter. We had a good time.

he is one of a kind. {thank God.}

And I think we’ll do this again next year.

5 responses to “I Think We Just Started a Tradition.

  1. Super fun! I love dates with my boys. They are becoming more rare and more treasured as they grow.

  2. That Jack Henry!! 🙂 I love that he didn’t mention his dad teaching him to shoot a gun, but apparently the idea of YOU doing this was realistic?! I think he must have been impressed by Luke’s Halloween costume!

    Good new tradition!

  3. I love talking about goals with kids. My 3 & 5 year are helping me with our family goal of getting healthier, My 5 year olds goal is to keep her room clean and my 3 yr old decided her goal would be to help her.

  4. I’m just going to call you Annie Oakley now. 😉

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