I’m Guessing He’s Fun to Have in Class.

So today at carpool, Jack Henry’s teacher got him into the van, and then, smiling, asked me, “Can you receive picture texts on your phone?”

“Sure…” I answered, a bit uneasily. “Why?”

“Oh, I have something funny to show you. I’ll send it after carpool.”

I anxiously awaited her text, and when I got it, I laughed out loud.

Apparently, during free choice time today, Jack Henry decided he needed some exercise (those were his words when I asked him about this after the fact).

His teachers turned around and there he was, doing situps on the floor.

After receiving this text, I wrote back that I sincerely hope this was at least an appropriate time to do situps, worried that he may just have decided he didn’t want to participate in circle time anymore and therefore headed for a little break. I was reassured that he’s always appropriate (that may be a stretch – please remember he taught his classmates a special rendition of “Happy Birthday” earlier this year).

Love him. So much.

7 responses to “I’m Guessing He’s Fun to Have in Class.

  1. That boy! Oh, he is just the greatest 🙂

  2. I love funny kids. They just make me all melty.

  3. Simply priceless!

  4. Perhaps he and Elle are in cahoots? I hear she threw away half of her donut recently and said she was going to go do sit-ups. This sounds like a budding match.

  5. I couldn’t imagine what the pic was going to be! What a CHARACTER!!!! What a riot to think this just came to his mind out of the blue!

  6. What a sweetie. Good capture of a memory. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

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