Out of the Mouth of Jack Henry

The other two don’t say nearly as funny things anymore, so here are a few of the crazy things that Jack Henry’s come up with lately..


1.) He’s wanted to go to Pennsylvania for the past six months or so, and while we questioned him a bit about it when he’d bring it up, we never really got a good answer to explain why. Until last week, when JH asked Bennett, “Is Pennsylvania full of pencils, like it says in the name?” When he got his answer, he immediately decided that he no longer wants to see Pennsylvania. I can only assume he was picturing a make-believe land with pencils as far as the eye can see?

2.) “Why do I look so flat-headed?” (after a haircut)

3.) Me, turning the station on the radio: “Ick. Lady Gaga.”
JH: “How exactly did she make a dress out of turkey?”
It took me a minute to get it all pieced together, and then I realized that he’d overheard me talking to his brothers about the weird/dumb/crazy stuff Lady Gaga does to get attention, like making a dress out of beef. Beef, turkey, same thing.

4.) Me: “Would it be fun if I came in and read a book to your class sometime?”
JH: “Not really.”
Me: “WHAT???!?”
JH (with a bit of pity in his voice): “Ok. Fine. But only one time.”
Me: “Why?”
JH: “Because I just like to be at school by myself.”
Me: “Are you afraid I’m going to cramp your style?”
JH: “Well, not cramp my style exactly, but (pause)…I just want to be there myself, OK?” (I strongly suggest having your preschooler say “cramp my style.” It’s hilarious.)


5.) “I used to have a weak brain, but now I have a good one,” referencing his brain’s capacity when he was a newborn vs. now.

12 responses to “Out of the Mouth of Jack Henry

  1. I seriously want to borrow him for like a week.

  2. I used to think no kid could top Bennett, then along came Jack Henry. What will you do for material when he grows up?

  3. I love Sharon’s comment!

    I can just picture his wheels turning about Pencilvania!!!! And I can’t believe his reaction to your coming to his school–talk about Little Mr. Independent! As far as Lady Gaga goes, I think JH has it right: she’s a turkey! 🙂

  4. Ahh-ha-ha! I am seriously cracking up right now!! Loving the Lady Gaga comment!!

  5. Love this. Hunter likes to blame his brain when he gets into trouble.. My brain told me to do it! So cute!

  6. Nicole,

    I had a similar experience with my twins when I suggested coming to teach an art or writing class. They were not as down with the idea as I expected, and that was not cool. I really thought I was the dad that they would want to show off. So much for that, eh? lol

  7. Precious! A few more years and you can write a book of cute sayings or maybe you already have enough to send it to a publisher!

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