Thou shalt not, right?

Many have joked with me (and I know they’re joking, I do have a sense of humor) about “stealing” ideas from the 12 dates in ’12 to use with their own spouses. Go ahead…”steal” away 🙂 That’s just idea-sharing, and those ideas are free for the taking. Like Pinterest is idea-sharing. I recently saw someone describing it as a place that people steal other peoples’ ideas. Clearly, that is a person who doesn’t get Pinterest.

That’s not what I’m referring to here today, though. I’m talking about 2 other issues that have been nagging at me recently.

1. This should be a no-brainer, but taking blog content and using it as your own is uncool. The unwritten ethics of blogging indicate that if you want to blog about something using someone else’s words or idea, you link back to their blog post with a note like, “I saw this on Nicole’s blog, and wanted to write about…blah blah blah.” That simple. I certainly realize that I am not the originator of all ideas on the internet, and that there will without a doubt be overlap of ideas, but sometimes, it really seems that is not the case.

2. You all know I LOVE etsy. Not only my little corner of it, but all the rest, too. There are so many fun and creative ideas to pick from. And, etsy is a great place for inspiration for your own projects if you’re a crafty person, too. I really think that’s fine, and have told people that when asked…heck, I see ideas on there that I can replicate and make them all the time.

HOWEVER. I don’t then sell them in my shop. That would be wrong. If you are a seller and find inspiration somewhere on etsy and make really, really significant changes to the idea, as in it no longer actually looks like the original idea, I think you’re ok…if you’re just replicating what you’ve found in another shop and selling it yourself, that’s not ok. (Please note that I’m not talking about my headbands here…8 million sellers on etsy sell similar headbands.)

Also not cool is finding an idea on etsy and then, if you are a crafty person, providing step-by-step instructions on your own blog about how to make what I’m selling. To those people, who I am sure aren’t reading this blog: I know who you are because people click over to my etsy site from yours, leading me right back to where you ripped off my idea.

Well, now, that was pleasant, wasn’t it? Sorry to be cranky.

I’m done now. The sun is shining, hallelujah, and Jack Henry and I have a million things to accomplish today, and now that I’ve gotten this off my chest, I think I can do so with a smile on my face.

One response to “Stealing.

  1. Good points! I’d be cranky, too, if my ideas & work were being ripped off. And using material from your blog for theirs without referencing yours–duh–I’m assuming these are adults who once wrote term papers & had to listen ad nauseum to their teachers preaching about plagiarism!!! 😦

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