Don’t Hate Me Because I Sleep Until 8am on Saturdays.

As a teenager, I wasn’t one of those people who slept until noon on the weekends. Primarily because my mom would never allow such laziness, I’m sure. I don’t remember her ever letting me sleep past 10, and generally, I think she had me up around 9 or 9:30.

Consequently, I wasn’t generally a really late sleeper in college, save those nights when I didn’t make it in until the wee hours. Then, sleeping until noon happened for sure. (Kids, if you’re by chance reading this: if I was up until the wee hours, it was because I was studying at the library. Not drinking at The Library. Promise.)

When Matt and I were newly married, and up through the time we had Luke, I don’t really remember spending too many Saturdays asleep until much later than 9, much to Matt’s chagrin. That man could sleep for days, I think. I’m just the kind of person who has things to do, and too much sleeping makes me start to feel guilty.

Of course, all of that changes when a baby enters the picture.

Sleeping until 9am, unless you’ve spent many of the dark hours awake, is unheard of.

And then that newborn develops a routine of some sort, and then you have another baby, and endure mind-numbing sleep deprivation again, only to move into the “we’re slightly less sleep-deprived, but still too exhausted to adequately describe” phase, and then you have another baby, and think you may die of tired as you rock and feed that baby in the middle of the night, only to have to deal with his brothers who are up with or before the sun each day. And then that baby gets on a normal schedule, so that you can at least generally predict that someone will be up by 6am and beg for attention to some manner of bodily function or food intake need.


The time does come, some years down the road, when you roll over and look at the clock on a Saturday morning and the first number is an 8, and you can scarcely believe what you’re seeing.

We aren’t to the stage where our kids really enjoy sleeping in yet; rather, the two older boys are still usually up by 7 or so, and they head downstairs to read or play quietly. Jack Henry still comes in our room, and he sometimes climbs in bed with us and turns on the TV for a bit, or he’ll join his brothers and they all play nicely for a while.

And Matt and I don’t get out of bed until 8. IT. IS. GLORIOUS. It practically feels like I’m sleeping until noon.

Karen and I were talking last week, and we’ve decided we’ve earned this. Oh yes, we have. Spacing our kids like we did meant that no one ever totally got out of the wakeful toddler stage before there was another baby in the house to throw off the sleep schedule yet again. And on and on for a total of about 9 years, at which point they’re finally able to get up and and take care of themselves for a short time without any major catastrophes (and sometimes, when we’re really lucky, Luke even makes the other boys breakfast).

Just one amazing perk to surviving the first several years, I guess.

17 responses to “Don’t Hate Me Because I Sleep Until 8am on Saturdays.

  1. Ahhh, I will enjoy that when the time comes. For me, it’ll take about 11 years or so. BUT, I will get there. Then, occasionally, I’m sure I’ll miss this a bit. I try and enjoy it now. Sleep deprivation makes it hard, though. πŸ™‚

    • You’re right…the sleep deprivation makes it harder to enjoy the baby years! But soon, Andrew can corral the other 3 for an hour in the morning while you and Kirk snooze…

  2. Adam and I are both sleepers. Luckily, Connor is somewhat of a sleeper too, usually waking at 7. I could sleep until 1 or 2 each day and not feel guilty. It feeds the inner night owl that I am. Therefore, Adam and I developed a system in our house. No matter what, I get Saturdays to sleep in, and he gets Sunday. EVERY weekend. Even if I get up at 9 and decide to watch TV or browse the Internet, the other spouse does not question what they are doing until they walk out of the bedroom to greet the day for good. It could be 8, or 11… doesn’t matter.

  3. You have described a GLORIOUS phase that I remember very well! They did TV & Pop Tarts or cereal by themselves–oh happy days!! Sometimes I would get beckoned out of bed to help w/ something, but–you know me–I could sort of keep my eyes closed, go straight back to bed, & almost instantly fall back asleep! You’re right–it’s a reward well-earned!

  4. AMEN!!!! Except now, we’re up early to head to ball games on Saturday mornings. I get up at 9:00 on Sundays (for late service) so that makes up for the early mornings through the rest of the week.

  5. We are at this stage at well……LOVE IT!!!!! I never thought it would get here πŸ™‚

  6. I’m already dreaming of the moment you just described. I think it’s 5 or 6 years away.

  7. Luckily, Ashlyn is her mother’s daughter. I don’t get up till she does (unless I have bball practice, of course) on the weekends, which is usually between 8:30-9:30….awesome for a 19 month old! And Jake gets up early just to enjoy his quiet time alone watching Fox News, sipping coffee…

  8. Sleep is something I definitely cherish! So grateful for a baby who slept 10-12 hours at 2 months!! But the 2 yr old in her changed that (a little). Jared almost ALWAYS lets me sleep in on the weekends. His eternal clock is earlier than mine πŸ™‚ However, I struggle with this regarding Korry’s bedtime. I like her to stay up a little later so that she sleeps in the next morning. I do NOT want my 3 yr old up at 6am (or even 7 for that matter).

  9. I’m literally crying while reading this.

  10. I am right there with you Nicole….. and dreading having to go backward for a bit when Joya arrives. But at least I’ve tasted the Promised Land and I will look forward to it again.

  11. Even though Dana already commented, I just want to throw this out there. I listen to Focus on the Family most mornings on our local radio station and the segment this morning was fantastic. They had a guy by the name of Gary Thomas who has a book out right now about parenting and during the interview he talked about how when he talks to parents whose children are grown up (in their teens & older) they say how much they miss the little things their kids used to do – his example: ask them to carry them through the mall because their legs were tired. It really struck a cord with me because I just know that someday I will be in that same position and wondering where the time went. You can go listen to it on their website (it is 2 part segment) but the general message was cherish every minute you get with your kids because they go way too fast!
    I know this is a bit off this subject, but in some ways related.

    • It does go way, way too fast. And sadly, the parts you miss are oftentimes the stuff that gets blurred into that period of sleep deprivation 😦

  12. No guilt from me. 8 a.m. sounds heavenly and the kids are learning independence which is, I might point out, a goal of parenting.

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