Gardening 2012: The Beginning

We got really ambitious this year and decided to start our garden from seeds in these tiny greenhouses…I’m not extremely hopeful that this is going to fully work for everything we planted (the first greenhouse was WAY too wet and I didn’t realize it until a couple of days later…I did what it said to do it in the package, but that was NOT right), but it’s fun to give this a try!

We’ve planted a bunch of stuff, and only 9 days into this experiment, lots of things have sprouted! Take a look:

So, the vegetables and herbs will go into containers on the deck like last year. Additionally, I’ve got a small raised area in the backyard on one corner of the house that we’ve already planted a raspberry bush in. Raspberry bush, you ask? Well, that’s what happens when you take Jack Henry, the berry lover, to Lowe’s in the fall and find berry bushes for 75% off. We’ll see if it comes back this spring, but given our so-far mild winter, I’m thinking it might be ok.

In addition to the raspberry bush, we’re going to put in a blueberry bush in the same area, and then fill the rest of that area with flowers…mostly our zinnias and sunflowers, which I just bought because I thought they’d be fun. Plus, even though the whole area is surrounded by landscaping bricks, I think I may add some cinder blocks along the back wall in an effort to grow strawberries, which I’ll buy at the greenhouse in the spring. Fingers crossed, we’ll have a real berry patch and animals will stay out!

I love that the boys are interested in this…we’ve come a LONG way in the things they’ll eat around here, but there’s still a lot of work to do! I’m hoping that them helping to grow their own food will make them more adventurous eaters.

13 responses to “Gardening 2012: The Beginning

  1. If you find a way to keep the deer out of your berries, etc. please, please let me know. I long to grow things (containers) here but the deer absolutely devastate! We’ve only been successful at basil and chives because apparently deer don’t care for those.

    • Yeah, we’ll see…these will definitely be reachable by the deer if they get up into the landscaping area. We might just do the strawberries up on the deck, so they’re at least safe. Poor Jack Henry could have his heart broken 😦

  2. i hope you have more success at the seedlings than we did last year. it failed miserably for us. let me know how it goes.

  3. We had a fairly large raspberry/strawberry patch at our house in dekalb. The raspberries were amazing!

  4. I’m in awe that you try these things! I’ve never made an attempt at any veggies or herbs. I just read about & watch your vegetative adventures! I love how the boys watch & learn from this! Will check things out when we’re there next time–probably for B’s b.d. party!

  5. And . . . OK, this is gross . . . but I read online last year that one of the most effective deterents to deer & other smaller pests, such as bunnies & such, is . . . PEE! Collect urine in an empty gallon milk container & pour it around plants–veggies, herbs, flowers–anything. Just reporting what I read!

  6. To keep animals away — use human hair. When you go get your hair cut or you cut your hair at home, carry it to your garden and spread it around. Animals do not like the human scent. This seems to work well for people.

  7. You should try building one of these:

    Me and Tina are going to try it in a month or two.

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