This May Be My Craziest Request Ever.

I’m fully aware that this post might get no comments. Or, it may only get those that say something like, “Yeah, good luck with that.”

But, I’ve racked my brain, and I’m out of options, so I’m bringing this to you, blog world.


Last week saw all 3 Diehl boys sick with some variation of never-ending fever/never-ending snot/body aches/restless sleep.

The 2 older boys spent a lot of time curled up watching TV, or even (gasp!) taking a nap. And much of that time, they could be found wrapped up in what they call their “Nana blankets.”

My mom made each boy a quilt when they were born…she and I carefully hunted down fabric to use to for the older two boys’ quilts, including super-soft chenille squares that the boys always like to rub their faces on when they were babies. After she died, these blankets became even more important to each of the older boys…they both still sleep every night with the quilts, now much too small for them, in their beds.

bennett, last week with his nana blanket

Jack Henry has one, too, but he doesn’t know it. Mom was pretty sick by the time Jack Henry was on his way, but she still really wanted to make him a quilt, too. We saw a block-quilt looking blanket in Gymboree one time when we shopped together – probably one of the last times she was able to – that was made of handkerchief-type fabrics with some denim mixed in, and Mom really liked it and went to work on it as she was able.

Some of her sweet friends helped her finish it, too, when she knew it was too much for her to do herself.

However, because her health was failing, she missed removing some pins from inside the quilt blocks…and they were sewn inside after the backing was put on.

We didn’t know this, of course, when Jack Henry was a baby…we one time found a pin sticking out the quilt when it was in his crib with him! My mom would have been mortified to know that had happened…she was a great seamstress and this certainly hadn’t happened with the other quilts.

I cut the sharp part off, leaving the tiny head of the pin floating in the quilt, since that wouldn’t hurt anything. And I left the blanket with him, thinking surely that was it.

But unfortunately, we found another pin. And at that point, we knew we couldn’t leave it in his crib.

So, the quilt has sat in my closet (in 2 homes, now), unused, with Jack Henry not knowing he has a Nana blanket, too.

My thought is that the blanket needs to be x-rayed to see if there are any pins remaining, because I don’t know that there is another solution, short of completely taking the quilt apart.

So, blog readers: do any of you have access to an x-ray machine?

Crazy, I know. But it was worth a shot.

19 responses to “This May Be My Craziest Request Ever.

  1. what about a metal detector?

  2. It’s not an x-ray machine but I have a pin-grabber with a handle. (Going off to look for what I’m talking about via a web picture…) Sorry couldn’t find one quickly. Anyway, it’s a strong magnet and if I think I’ve dropped pins on the floor I can wave it over the floor and they jump onto the pin grabby handled thing. Ugh. This thing has to have a name. Anyway… do you think this could help?

  3. Nicole, I don’t think this is as uncommon as you might think. I have a quilt my grandmother made (she made numerous ones and while she was in good health) and one day, I found a pin in it too – I was surprised, but never worried too much about finding more, but I see where you’re coming from since you’ve found a few. So neat your boys have their own special treasure of your mom. I hope your find a way to resolve the issue for Jack Henry!

  4. Nicole – i agree with Jan – my first thought was get a large magnet – Jason has several being a mechanic that are very large – and run it across the quilt always ending on the same end – then drag it across again and hopefully get all the pins to one corner that you could open and remove them all at once – just opening a corner and resewing by hand would not be near the hassle of x raying or taking the whole thing apart.
    BUt in the end if the only option is taking it all apart and having it re quilted- i think it would be worth it for JH to get to use his Nana blanket.

  5. Yep, I was going to suggest a magnet also. Also, I’m sure my mom would LOVE to help you fix this quilt….she may have worked on it a bit with your mom, I don’t know.

  6. I so wish I lived closer. I was an X-ray tech before having Kaylee so could have easily taken it in to get x-rayed:). I agree that a magnet would help. Maybe take it to a sewing place or seem stress place and they could help identify more? Hope you get it fixed.

  7. This is kind of out of the box, but I was thinking if I had it I would try manipulating it inch by inch with my hands, working back and forth both directions, just feeling for any. Maybe do that more than once. I know it sounds tedious, but sitting watching TV I have done stranger things. What a treasure that I’m hoping JH can enjoy before long.

  8. Bryan says we can do it if you want to mail it to us. 🙂

  9. My mom is in the process of making quilts like this for all the grandkids 🙂 These are an awesome memory! Be a crazy lady….bring it into the ER w/ you…say your arm hurts and you need an X-Ray….then do a quick switcharoo…worth the co-pay 🙂

  10. I agree with the manipulating by hand…then the magnet! Good luck….or you could call a ortho office or somewhere and tell them what you told us…you might be surprised at who is willing to help!

  11. I don’t have anything to add to all the above suggestions but I am sure put together, you will have a solution. I do remember seeing her working on one of the quilts and know how precious they can be!

  12. And you thought you’d have no comments! Look at all the helpful friends you have! 😉 Very sweet story!

  13. We have xray machines at Patterson.. I am pretty sure we could find someone that knows how to use them!

  14. I would lay it flat without any kids around and take the biggest magnet you can (you can really powerful ones online) and run it over the top (or back). Watch for where it lifts (even a little) and manipulate it by hand until you find the pin. Remove the pins like you did before. I’d probably do it two or three times, just to be safe.

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