Stenciling a Wall: A DIY Fail.

So. A couple of weeks ago on Facebook, I posted a picture of the bathroom wall I’d just started stenciling. I said it was easier than I thought it would be, I loved how it looked, etc, etc. I had about 80% of it finished that first weekend. And then the kids were sick for 10 days and I didn’t touch it.

So Wednesday morning, I decided to tackle what was left of this project, and I knew it would be the worst part, because it was corners and details.


This project sucked.

It’s safe to say that stenciling is not one of my hidden talents.

I was okay with there being some small imperfections…I really, really was. But this was beyond what I could handle. When you stood outside the bathroom and looked in, it looked fine. But inside the bathroom it was so horribly uneven that I just couldn’t take it. And in one spot, the stencil got off line just a teeny tiny bit and it made enough of a difference that I just decided to throw in the towel.

So, I repainted the wall the original color. There are some areas with a tiny bit of texture, but you’d have to be looking for it to see it.

Not all DIY projects go well. This one did not. But in the end, this is no big deal…some time wasted, yes, and a quart of paint that I didn’t really need to buy, but it was worth the risk.

And I may stencil again…just not on a wall. I’m thinking on a dresser or something. And with a stencil that does not have tiny circles as a part of the design.

9 responses to “Stenciling a Wall: A DIY Fail.

  1. I’m so sad it didn’t work because it really did look great when I saw it early on!

  2. Yeah, stenciling a wall is something I decided awhile ago to stay away from. It can look so pretty, but I just think I’m too much of a perfectionist (when it comes to my own work) and it would drive me batty. Or take me a full year to slowly, carefully get it done. Either one, I’m not up for it. Thanks for reinforcing that point for me. šŸ˜‰

    I do love your wall color though!!

    • Thanks! I really like that paint, too…it’s Sherwin Williams Latte (the darker color that I stenciled was Hopsack…one color down on the color card). I might use those colors plus more on the color card for a dresser makeover.

  3. Bummer! I was excited about it….even gave me the thought of stenciling. Now, I don’t know if I want to try something like that or not. I’m leaning towards not.

  4. Reminded me of my back hall stencil that I had some of the same issues with–bleeding paint & some areas w/ not enough! It was a custom quote that I had made for a specific sized area, so in the end I decided to lightly sand it a bit to make it look old/weathered. I ended up liking it better that way and it’s still there 10 yrs later! Trying to get a whole room to look professional would be hard for anyone, I’m thinking! For what it’s worth, I did like it from the hall shot. How bout leaving one wall stenciled as an accent wall? Just a thought. . .

    • I do still love your back hall quote–and had no idea it didn’t originally turn out right!

    • It was just going to be that one big wall, but getting along the side of the toilet was impossible, plus the place where the stencil was mysteriously off by a tiny bit would have meant repainting and starting over on that whole area…something that I just didn’t have in me!

      Now I want to see this quote you’re talking about!

  5. All that work–that’s the pits. Frustrating. It looked like so much work–more than I ever would tackle. I’ve done tons of wallpapering, which is NOT fun, but this would take far more patience than I have.

  6. I was actually thinking about stenciling the wall in our entryway…you have me thinking maybe I shouldn’t try it. Although I was only going to do one accent wall…so no corners, but there is a light switch, a doorbell box, and a thermostat I would need to stencil around. What do you think? One of the big reasons I want to do it is to help camouflage all the little fingerprints that end up on my wall…I don’t mind them as much anywhere else it the house, but I hate that when people come in my front door, they are greeted with grubby marks on the wall. Actually, the stencil I’ve been eyeing online looks a lot like the one you used…where did you get yours?

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