Bennett brought this book home from the school library this week, and last night before bed, he read it to Jack Henry. Then, Jack Henry picked it up this afternoon and read it himself! I seriously cannot believe that this kid is reading like this already. Granted, he’d heard the book once before, but still…it’s not like he memorized it after one reading.

Nana Jo, this one’s for you 🙂

P.S. When Matt and I found out that I was pregnant with Luke, we bought copies of Just Grandma and Me and Just Grandpa and Me, and gave them to our parents as way of telling them about the baby.

12 responses to “Reading.

  1. WOW! Jack Henry!! You are doing such a Great job reading!! Keep it up buddy! Love you!

  2. are you kidding me???? i’m way impressed!!!

  3. Like, did he age about 2 years during the month I was gone???? I’m astonished that he can pick it up this easily!! He’s the baby!! You tell him that I listened to this 3 times in a row, and I think he’s doing a super-duper job!!!!

  4. That’s amazing!! Blake is nowhere near this level. Good job, Mama. (Little Critter books are the best.)

  5. Wow, super impressed! Any teacher will be lucky to have him! Way to go, Jack!

  6. AWESOME!!! He is one smart little guy!!

  7. That’s amazing!!! Keep up the good work Jack. Good job Nicole…

  8. Soo Cute!! And that little watch on his tiny wrist is cracking me up! Great job reading! I do love those Critter books.

  9. That is impressive. I don’t want to totally burst your bubble but….. my 4 year old asks us to read books to her one time so that then she can read them to her babies. It seriously only takes once and she can recite the book word for word and points at the words as if she is really reading. I think it is great practice for when they do start reading.

    • Amazing that she can memorize a book in one reading! That’s awesome.

      I’m pretty confident in Jack Henry’s actual reading ability, as he can also read books he’s never seen before.

  10. What a cutie! My little guy isn’t there yet, but I think it’s amazing what the younger siblings pick up from the older, especially when you think they’re not paying attention. They are little sponges.

  11. Wow…that’s totally exciting….and he’s got a whole year before kindergarten! We are currently doing a Little Critter theme in my first grade class. The kids are excited at how much easier they are than the Berenstain Bears last month! Keep up the great work….and I love the watch too.

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