Monday (oh shoot, now it’s Tuesday) in Bullets

*Matt’s cousin’s wedding was last weekend in northern IL with the reception in Iowa…and it was my first trip to Iowa, which is crazy to me given that I’ve lived in a border state my whole life. So we can check that off the list.

*The wedding was lots of fun! Luke caught the garter again, and the boys were harassed, to put it nicely, by a little girl who wanted them to dance with her. Lots of embarrassment, lots of encouragement about how to politely refuse someone, and a chat about blood being thicker than water, as said girl was interested in two of my boys (though, neither of them wanted to dance with her).

*This boy tormented me with his other loose tooth on top, letting me take this pic on Saturday night:

it had gotten to the point of looseness where it could be twisted around. horrible.

*And then on Monday morning, he finally lost it while eating a bowl of cereal, and he did not pass out this time (click here if you’re wondering why this is a special accomplishment), but it was a close call to say the least…I ended up taking him to school about 15 minutes late to insure that he wouldn’t faint.

so much better! now, to see how those top ones come in...

*Sometimes, a lack of promptness at attending to a chore pays off. Like the fact that I didn’t get my kitchen floor swept today, and then served very crumbly cornbread at dinner…cleanup on aisle five.

*In just over 2 weeks, I’ll be at the theater watching The Hunger Games. I can’t wait!!

*I’m starting to get hair envy when I see cute, slightly shorter haircuts. It’s all Pinterest’s fault, really. But, I love being able to throw my hair into a braid or a ponytail or a million other things that are possible with long hair. What to do, what to do…

*Tip: check the bathrooms of a shady-looking restaurant before deciding whether to eat there or not. Don’t wait until after your meal to find out that one bathroom doesn’t have soap (hello, where are the workers washing their hands after using the bathroom??) and they’re dirty.

*I haven’t spray-painted anything in quite some time, but there are projects in the works, and that makes me very happy…

*Some of the boys’ baseball schedules have started rolling in, and man, between practices and games, it’s starting to get the tiniest bit overwhelming just looking at March-June. It’s gonna be ok…and no one will die if they have to eat ballpark for dinner every now and again, which is something I’m going to need to be reminding myself.

*Have you checked out the Chopped-themed meals I’ve been making? It’s been fun. One more to go this week!

*I’m working on an idea that I’m going to need your help with…coming soon.

2 responses to “Monday (oh shoot, now it’s Tuesday) in Bullets

  1. Getting caught up on your posts. Must say that the boys are handsome but Mommy looked Vogue-cover-spot-gorgeous. Don’t cut your hair because it’s awesome.

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