Snapshot: Jack Henry

I just wanted to record a little snapshot of what Jack Henry’s like right now…things that shouldn’t wait until his birthday post in 6 months.

1. He got a watch for his birthday, and he has worn it non-stop for the past 6 months, with the exception of when he’s showering. I literally mean this as truth…he is never without his watch, even when sleeping. Some of you have even commented on it in pictures on here and Facebook! He’s in charge of telling his teachers what time it is in his classroom.

2. About once a week, I let him eat lunch sitting in the living room while watching a movie. He’s so the 3rd kid. This would have been a complete special occasion kind of thing for Luke at this age.

3. At night, he sometimes prays that he’ll have a good day at school and that “Mom will have good shopping time while I’m at school.” In an effort to defend the way I spend my time, I always remind him that I sometimes come home and do work around here and not just run errands while he’s at school, but he doesn’t buy it.

he kinda loves the camera, too.

4. His reading is just blowing me away. I love that he’ll bookmark one of the books he’s reading…you know, books that are like 20 pages long.

5. He’s SO anxious to get outside and dig in the dirt. We have a place that is suitable for digging for another several weeks, until spring planting, so I’m trying to let him do this as often as possible. He ends up filthy…dirt everywhere.

6. He hates Chapstick or Vaseline or the like being applied to his lips, but they are so chapped all the time that we have to do it. He even warned his baby cousin Lucy last weekend (who always has her tongue out of her mouth!) that licking her lips would make them chapped 🙂

7. He’s become quite the little instigator…very passive-aggressive, and getting a bit sneaky now that he’s a bit older and wiser. Not my favorite.

8. He loves his Leapster. And I love finding used games at the resale shop for $6.50.

you can barely spot the watch in this picture!

9. He thinks he OWNS the middle row seat in our van (the other middle-row seatbelt has been broken for ages, and won’t be fixed by us, as we’ll be selling it sometime in the next year or so). He’ll throw down with other two boys if one of them tries to sit there. And, if he’s forced to sit in the third-row seat, he’ll whine over how dirty it is back there. There is some truth to that, as his brothers aren’t the cleanest people in the world, but he’s got to get over it.

10. He’s such a fun guy to spend my days with.

5 responses to “Snapshot: Jack Henry

  1. He sounds like quite the character!

    Great post

  2. He is adorable! Have you tried coconut oil? Would be fun for him to watch it melt on his finger before putting it on his lips!

  3. You are going to miss this little guy when he eventually goes to school fulltime!! But nevermind–that’s still a ways off. 🙂

    I just L-O-V-E every one of your points!!! (Seriously, I can’t get over him w/ that watch; I don’t think I’ve ever given a gift that was used every single day for this long!!!) I love that it’s the privilege of being the baby that he gets to do some special things at home–it helps even out all the individual attention that the OLDEST one got up front. It’s that MIDDLE CHILD–of which, of course, I am one!!–that gets the shaft!!! 🙂

    That prayer is priceless! Gotta love his perception!

    The good thing is that he still has several years left of totally cute things to do & say!!

  4. love that second picture – such a cute, genuine smile – love, love, love that!

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