Spring Break 2012

OK, so spring break actually kicked off after school Thursday, but aside from a trip to a local yogurt shop to support a school fundraiser, it wasn’t a very fun afternoon. It included:
1. Crying over which car seat one kid got to sit in (I won’t mention names, but I’ve talked about it here before…), and because that kid was mad, he hit his brother, and got grounded from the Wii.
2. Running a couple of quick errands in a storm
3. One kid dragging through dinner so much that he didn’t get dessert, and, when I asked him how long he might be mad at me, he said “forever.”

So that was fun.

We did settle into a nice evening of watching basketball games on Thursday, though, which smoothed things over. Plus, breaking news, Bennett wiggled out another tooth, and not only did he not pass out, he didn’t even come close! No paleness, nothing. Just walked into the kitchen with a grin and a tooth in his hand! Now, it didn’t bleed AT ALL so it didn’t require a trip to the bathroom to rinse and look in the mirror, which are the things (blood coming from his mouth and seeing the new hole where the tooth was) that I’ve thought were the triggers for the fainting, but we’ll take it. This is a step in the right direction!

We really kicked off spring break Friday with a trip to Chesterfield Sports Fusion (thanks Nana Jo and Papa Ron for the gift cards at Christmas!) and late lunch at Bread Co afterwards (thanks Aunt Hayley for THOSE gift cards at Christmas!). I can’t say enough good things about Chesterfield Sports Fusion…the teenage employees were exceptionally nice – so much so that I hadn’t even said anything to the kids about it, but Jack Henry noticed and commented on it!

We were practically the only ones there, so the kids were able to do everything they wanted with no wait. They were all literally dripping with sweat by the time we left.

Memorable moment I wish I had a picture of but don’t want to live through again: Bennett dumping my ENTIRE soda on himself at Bread Co, and sitting through lunch soaked because he had no other choice.

We have a full schedule over spring break, but I’m really looking forward to it. It’s so much nicer to wake up at 6:45 (of course, later would also be acceptable) on your own than at 6:20 with an alarm.

Here’s a picture recap of our day!

6 responses to “Spring Break 2012

  1. So was Luke the only one to climb the rock wall because there was an age/height restriction or because he was the only one that wanted to?

  2. Reading your blog, especially entries like this, are what is helping me survive toddlerhood. I’m so looking forward to taking my boys to a place like that and out for lunch – with no poopy underpants or sippy cups.

  3. Oh, this looks SO fun! I’m happy they had such a good time–thanks for the gift card suggestion! I, too, am surprised that JH climbed the inflatable thing; bet he thought he was hot stuff!

    Yay for Bennett’s pulled tooth! Boo for spilled drink! Poor Bennett–I remember a spell when he was younger when he held the record for spilling his drink at the table at home!

    Hope you have a fun week! Here’s hoping for good weather for them to be outside!

  4. Ok, so tell me about this place you took the boys??? I’ve never heard of it!

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