Spring Break 2012 Wrap-Up

I hate to do this in one fell swoop, but I’ll never get around to blogging individual events at this point, so because I want to remember this break, I’ll have to do it this way.

*2 weekends ago, we attended our first-ever Dogtown (Irish neighborhood) St. Patrick’s Day parade! I knew it would be a big deal, but I really had no idea just how big a deal it is. Whoa.

One of Matt’s coworkers recently moved into a house on the parade route, so he was kind enough to invite a bunch of us over. We got to the area about 2 hours before parade time, and still had to walk about a half-mile to his house. It wasn’t a really big deal…kind of fun, actually, given that on every block, there were big and small house parties going on, which was entertaining.

houses up and down every block had flags and parties gathered...so fun!

I’ve got to admit: the actual parade is a little boring (sorry Irish people reading this). There are a few dance troupes, a few firetrucks and the like, and the rest is Irish clans walking together. Throwing beads to the crowds is what saves the parade from being boring for the kids, at least…they collected probably 100 beads. That are sitting in our basement now, sorted by color and style.

Oh, and did I mention that it started raining, heavily, about midway through the parade? Yeah. So that half-mile walk back was a good time. Making memories, though, right?

*We watched about a million hours of NCAA basketball games, and the boys shot hoops themselves for hours on end.

*Trip to the Magic House with the McGill girls! And, Bennett took a nap.

*Play time on Tuesday with Bennett’s preschool friend Adam and his mom and sister!

*Baseball practices…we’re up to 4 a week total right now, with Jack Henry’s being added in a couple of weeks.

*A fun visit from my college roommate, Kim, and her daughter, Zoe! We got in some park time, game time, lots of chat time, and a trip to the zoo, even though it was raining a bit the whole day. Honestly, it was a GREAT zoo day. We saw all the animals we hoped to, the crowds were non-existent, we only got a little bit wet, and for my 2 boys with allergies, being outside when it was a bit cooler and the pollen had been knocked out of the air was fantastic!

*I got to drop the boys off with my friend Kelly’s kids for a couple of hours, during which time I went to Walmart alone. I know…I dream so big when I get a break from my kids.

*I went with friends to see “The Hunger Games.” And I loved it, but obviously, the book is ALWAYS better.

*Cake ‘n Steak 5 was last night at Zach and Michon’s, and it was so much fun, as always. I puffy heart love this tradition we have. Great food and drinks and fun time with family, which is even more fun now that the cousins are getting old enough to play with our boys when we get together! They were outside all evening long, which resulted in some serious allergy eyes for the boys today, but that’s ok.

So that pretty much wraps it up.

Tomorrow will be a rough day for kids going back to our school, as it will be the first time they are all back together since tragedy rocked our community. I feel like my boys are doing well, and we’ve talked about it a couple of times, but there are so many kids who knew those girls so much better than they did, and will be faced with an empty seat tomorrow. I’m really proud of our school has responded, and there will be a lot of extra counseling help there tomorrow, but I still feel sick to my stomach anticipating this day.

Back soon with happy home improvement projects.

One response to “Spring Break 2012 Wrap-Up

  1. A very busy & fun-filled week for all! Such mild weather (minus the rain) was a bonus. It’s just so incredibly sad about the little girls from school. That’s not a reality that grade school kids should have to deal with.

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