Love at First Sight: An Impromptu Makeover.

I ran into Goodwill a few weeks ago to look for a frame for a project I’m doing. That’s all that was supposed to happen.

But then, I turned around and saw, on a cart that had just been wheeled out, this beautiful, amazing comforter in ivory and orange. And I HAD TO HAVE IT when I realized it was a) brand new from Target and b) $12.99.

I practically skipped out of the store, and in my head, I kept picturing this lovely on my bed, since our room has accents of orange in it.

And then I put it on my bed, took a step back to survey the big picture, and frowned…in my glassy-eyed love for this new comforter, I’d completely forgotten my amazing orange and ivory curtains. That are a completely different pattern. And that competed badly with the new comforter. Because I LOVE those curtains, I took the comforter off the bed and started thinking…

…and wandered into the guest bedroom, with it’s taupe and brown and turquoise decor. All of which I really like except the comforter.

So I ripped the old one off, put the new one on, and knew it was meant to be! I even love the turquoise accents with the orange and ivory (I realize this color combination is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is totally mine)!

Then there was the small matter of trying to find pillow shams that I liked and that didn’t cost a fortune. My initial thought was cream…but I brought some home and didn’t like them, so I moved on to ebay…where I found 2 brand new shams that match the comforter! Even better: they are reversible, so I can use the stripe side instead of having it be so monotone.

the girliest room in the house by far 🙂

The brown throw pillow had been sitting on a chair in that room; the cream one came from Target clearance for $10, and I used a Christmas gift card for that. The pretty ruffled cream throw had also been draped over the rocker that’s in the room, but it looks much better on the edge of the bed!

I sold our less-than-two-years-old set that had been in there for $35 on Craigslist, which means that the math worked out like this:

Sale of old items: +$35
Purchase of comforter: -$13
Purchase of shams: -$30 (I know…more than twice the comforter!)
Purchase of throw pillow: $0 since I had a gift card to spend on whatever I wanted
Total: $8. It cost me $8 to mini-redo this room.

It’s not on the wall yet, but this room is also getting a garage sale makeover mirror whenever I remember to ask Matt to help me hang it. I got it for a DOLLAR last fall, and spray painted the gold frame around it dark brown. Here’s the before and after:

here's the before, with a big sticker mark on the front of the mirror and a gold frame.

during...i just taped plastic bags over the mirror part, being careful to tape along the edges well.

here's the after...just needs to be hung on the wall!

I still have a frame for the dresser to paint, and I’m trying to convince Matt to let me make over the plain Jane dresser in there (for some reason he is attached to its simplicity and the fact that we finished and assembled it before Luke was born for his room).

So the moral of the story is: never underestimate my ability to be distracted by something pretty and orange. The end.

9 responses to “Love at First Sight: An Impromptu Makeover.

  1. You decorate like me…FRUGALLY – but you are also very creative! Love your ideas!

  2. I’m laughing at your final sentence! 🙂 Although I actually really liked the old bedding set, I LOVE the new look! Those pillow shams were truly a bonus! Great job on the mirror too. Can’t wait to see it all in person! Will have to check out the dresser; I can’t remember what it looks like.

  3. I’ve been totally in love with this for a while now. But my bedroom is so not these colors. I do so love orange! It’s so very happy! Great job on your DIY makeover lady! You inspire me!

  4. I wanna live by THAT Goodwill! All I ever seem to find are remnants of old bedding that more resemble the wallpaper we fought to get off of the walls than anything I would ever want to wake up to each day! Oh, but no doubt I’m excited for you…the room looks great!

  5. I love shopping at Goodwill! So many decorations in our house are from Goodwill. Our Goodwill also gets a lot of things from Target, brand new and still in the package. Great find! The room looks great! I too, love orange. 🙂

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