The Next Iron Chef Chairman

The kids’ love for “Chopped” on the Food Network hasn’t waned, but they’ve added “Iron Chef America” to their favorites list, too, in the past couple of months.

So it’s no surprise that some impressions have started popping up in our house.

If you’ve seen Iron Chef, you know about The Chairman (aka Mark Dacascos) and his introduction to the competition, where he says, in French, “Allez cuisine!” or something similar, meaning “Go cook!”. For those who aren’t familiar, here’s a clip (from 3:50-4:35):

(And for those of you who think The Chairman is funny, you may enjoy this compilation of his intros that I found entertaining.)

Without further adieu, I bring you Jack Henry as The Chairman:

Never a dull moment.

3 responses to “The Next Iron Chef Chairman

  1. Good one, JH!!! (I’ve only caught bits & pieces of IC–never the beginning!) Hilarious!

  2. I can see why little boys would like it — much drama! I LOL’d at the sound effects when The Chairman shifts his eyes.

    Poor JH and *his* eyes. 😦 He doesn’t look like he’s letting it get him down, though. 😀

  3. I love that your boys are so into these food shows! 🙂 I remember when I volunteered in a grade school when I was in college, a 2nd grader would tell me all about Iron Chef every time we read together. I thought it was strange how much a young kid was into this show. . . but maybe it’s more intriguing for kids than it is for adults! Who knew?

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