12 Dates in 12: Date 2

Yes, I know…date 2 of our monthly dates, accomplished on the last day of March? What?

Well, the real date 2, the one I was most excited about, was cancelled due to our kids being sick for an eternity. We haven’t been able to reschedule it yet, but I have been working on that this evening, and I think I’ve found a solution.

So in the March envelope was a daily deal for Mama’s on the Hill and 2 AMC gift cards*.

We’d never been to Mama’s, and it was really good! I love eating pretty much anywhere on The Hill, and I have a couple of favorites but I’m always willing to try a new one. While the decor/chairs could definitely use some updating, the service was outstanding and the food delicious.

I made Matt promise me that when we’re empty nesters, we’ll try one new restaurant a week 🙂

While dinner was great and relaxing, it went by much more quickly than we thought it might, so we decided to stop by another St. Louis establishment we’d never been to, despite living here since 1998 (for him; 99 for me): Seamus McDaniel’s in Dogtown (click over to that link and read the short history of how Dogtown got its name…interesting!). It’s an Irish pub that’s been there forever, so I’m glad we finally stepped foot in the place!

what else would you drink in a pub??

2 things I’ll remember about our short time there:
1. I saw the absolute shortest mini-dress I’ve ever, ever seen. Normally not one to point things like this out to my husband, I made him look because, um, wow. Trainwreck.
2. This is one of three stalls in the women’s restroom (the door was slats like a shutter). I suppose the management just assumes women won’t peek in at each other if it’s occupied, but still…this seems like something that *might* necessitate immediate attention. I dunno. Maybe it’s just me.

no, i didn't take this as i was using the bathroom, but i did hold the phone at that level so you'd get the idea.

So after Seamus, we headed to the movies…but we got there early, and, never ones to waste an opportunity, we ran across the parking lot to BWW for a drink and a few minutes of NCAA Final Four basketball. THEN it was time for The Hunger Games. Yep, second time for me in a week. Matt hasn’t read the books (he really doesn’t read much of anything), but I’d told him so much about them that he was interested in seeing the movie, too. And I was thrilled to get to watch it again! Matt really liked it, too.

I don’t understand when people read books and then go into the movie thinking it’s going to be as good…I can’t really think of one instance where that’s ever in the history of life been the case. And while I had a few issues with how the screenplay was handled (the cave scenes did not play out like I wanted them to), overall, I thought it was really well done. Even more so after the second viewing.

So that wraps up date 2-that-should-have-been-3!

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*psst…do you have a credit card that pays you back? We have two credit cards that we use all the time, for virtually all purchases, and pay off at the end of every month, and we make several hundred dollars a year using them. The points we accrue on this card can be converted to AMC gift cards (and other gift cards) at a discounted rate: I got $20 of gift cards for $15, plus you can also just convert it to cash towards your bill. If you’re in the market, I’d recommend it…leave me a comment if you want to know which one it is!

4 responses to “12 Dates in 12: Date 2

  1. ohhh, I’m so jealous! I’m itching to see the Hunger Games! I keep hearing the same thing about the movie — disappointment about the cave scene. I guess I will be prepared. I’m with you on the book/movie comparison. I always go into those things trying to think of the movie as something totally separate . . . . that way I can just *enjoy* it without any expectations.

    Oh, and thanks for linking up on my blog!

  2. I finally saw the movie on Friday with my hubs and he liked it a lot after not reading the book. I’m with you on the cave scene and also the development of Katniss/Cinna relationship. I know it’s hard to develop those things in a movie, but I don’t know… it just seemed glazed over.

    Also, another great Irish place is McGurk’s in Soulard. When the weather is nice, their beer garden out back is amazing. It’s one of our favorite spots.

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