Happy Golden Birthday, Bennett!

It dawned on me this week that Bennett was turning 7 on the 7th! When I thought about how Jack Henry wouldn’t have his golden birthday until he’s 26 (and Luke until he’s 13), I decided not to do too much to trump it up, and instead, regaled the children with the story of my golden birthday.

I turned 5 on July 5, 1982. And I spent that sweltering-hot Fourth of July and my birthday, my special, once-in-a-lifetime Golden Birthday, covered in chicken pox. Itching from head to toe (I had a pretty bad case), and scratching the pox to leave some large permanent scars on my arm, back and forehead.

So there. Your golden birthday is already a million times better than mine was, B :).

Dear Bennett,

Whew. Do you feel like I say that a lot where you are concerned?

As I’ve described in so many posts about you, you’re intense. That certainly has not faded, and my prayer that you will someday use your powers for good continues. Eternally, I’m pretty sure.

This year has brought so many big changes: you losing 5 teeth (3 of them in dramatic fashion) has changed the look of your little-boy face so much. I can’t wait to see what those big top teeth look like in your mouth! You’ve grown a couple of inches, and I think you’re outpacing Luke by a little bit at this point.

School has been another big change, and I’m even more convinced than I’ve ever been that a great teacher makes all the difference in whether a school year goes well or not…kindergarten was ok, but this year has been so much better! Your drive to get your homework done is astonishing (and frankly, if you could rub off on Luke in this aspect, I would be so thankful)…you walk in from the bus, particularly on Monday afternoons when your week’s worth of homework is assigned, and you get to work. I love this about you! You love to read aloud to me or on your own.

I also love to see you like to work hard at getting better at what you do. Since we got our basketball hoop at Christmas, you’ve literally been out on the driveway shooting hoops by yourself or with Luke every single day the weather has allowed. But baseball is really your sport: you’re on a competitive team this year (more on this in an upcoming post) for the first time, where you were selected by the coach, and it’s required more work than in years past, and you love it. I have to admit, I’m really excited for the season to start.

It goes without saying that Cardinal baseball starting two days ago was a big, happy deal for you. I’m really hoping they can move to 3-0 with a birthday victory for you today!

Lately, we’ve been calling you a “button-pusher” and explaining what that means. And while you get it, how to change that is not really sinking in yet. You do annoy Luke on purpose occasionally, but it’s Jack Henry that you really seem to like irritating (and, I get it: he’s your little brother, and honestly, he can be annoying) and it’s driving me nuts. I’m starting to get really nervous about you and JH moving into a room together this summer. At the very least it will provide a good blog post or two and memories for the whole family, right?

The flip side of that “button-pusher” characteristic is your tender, sweet heart. You adore your baby cousins, and they, in return, love you, too. Your prayers have become more heartfelt and real, and I think you really understand how blessed you are, and pray for those who aren’t so fortunate.

You’re my hugger…multiple times a day the past few months, you just randomly hug me, and I’ll never complain about that. You are trusting, sometimes of the wrong people (aka the kid on the bus who told you that a kidnapper lives in the woods by school, plus all the other crap he’s told/said to you, which lead to me getting all mama bear on his *ss), but nonetheless, you have faith in people. Don’t lose that as you get older and naturally more cynical.

I could never tell you enough times or ways how much I love you, and how proud and blessed that I am to get to be your mom. I hope this year is full of all kinds of awesome, memorable stuff for you!


PS…stay tuned for birthday celebration posts coming soon!

Wanna take a look back? Here’s six, five, four and three.

3 responses to “Happy Golden Birthday, Bennett!

  1. Bennett, It’s not often that Papa Ron & I get to spend the day with you on your actual birthday, so it’s cool that we get to spend your “golden birthday” with you on its true date tomorrow! All your little girl Diehl cousins will be here, too! Seven years old–wow! I agree with every single thing your mom wrote about you! You are a very special boy, and I especially like that you work hard at everything & try to do your best, whether it’s at school, in sports, or being a good friend. We love you lots & lots!! Just remember: “You’re still a snickelfritz!”

  2. I hope Bennett has a great bday!

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