New Font


Since getting my Silhouette (paper/vinyl cutter) 15 months or so ago, I’ve been obsessed with downloading free fonts to my computer. I especially love handwriting fonts for fun little projects.

So last fall, when I came across Fonts for Peas, a collection of free handwriting fonts, I was smitten. And when I saw that you could submit your own handwriting to have Amanda turn it into a font, I had to give it a try.

I was SO excited last week when I got an email from her, saying that my handwriting had been chosen! Wanna see?

I downloaded it and can now use it in Word or on my Silhouette. Love it!

You can download it and any others on her site, too. And, Amanda is still accepting handwriting samples if you want to give it a try! Click here for the details.

Don’t forget to check out Amanda’s main blog, Kevin & Amanda, for tons of great recipes, lots of which I’m sure you see floating around Pinterest all the time!

5 responses to “New Font

  1. Ooo, now I want my own font! Super cool, Nicole!

  2. Holy cow! That is SO cool!

  3. How fun is that!! I have a TON of her fonts…and now I have your too!!

  4. haglerhappenings

    OMGosh! This is SOOO cool. I download her fonts all the time. And your handwriting is one I’d love to add to my collection. 🙂

  5. That is way cool. . . BUT my handwriting is not great. I never write any two things the same. . . and it’s just generally not that pretty. I want to adopt YOURS! 🙂

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