The Titanic, aka Sometimes This Family Takes Things a Little Too Far

I’ve probably mentioned on the blog somewhere that Luke has had a slight, or maybe more than slight, obsession with the Titanic. He knows way more about it than I ever did (most of which, I’ll admit, I probably learned from the movie), and it was pretty interesting to learn some of the stuff he taught me during his intense study.

A few months ago, he came home with a Scholastic book order form, begging to buy this cardboard punch-out, put-it-together-yourself model of the Titanic. It was like $7, and he spent his own money on it :). Putting it together was a nightmare, but we got it sorta assembled, and Luke put it on display in his room.

About 6 weeks ago, as the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic approached, Luke got this great idea…on April 15th, the day the ship went down, he would reenact the ship’s demise in the bathtub and sink his cardboard replica.

This sounded pretty awesome to Matt and me. Luke spent some time taping up open spots along the ship’s side (shoddy construction) so that the sinking could be more realistic, with the iceberg tearing into the body of the ship and water filling it that way. I’m so not joking.

So yesterday, despite the fact that we’d just gotten home from Effingham (and my dad’s wedding, no less, which I’ll blog about soon) and Matt and I needed to head out shortly, we sunk the Titanic. Complete with cold water in the bathtub and a small, not-to-scale-white-Lego iceberg.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest…

8 responses to “The Titanic, aka Sometimes This Family Takes Things a Little Too Far

  1. I love everything about this post. 🙂

  2. Love! Love! Love! Best thing that happened to me all day! I’ll be dreaming of this tonight for sure!

  3. This is “Luke” to a “T”!!!!! Love that he spent his own money on the replica–and then had the idea to sink it on “the day”!!!! He’s one cool kid!!

    Everything I know about the Titanic I learned from the movie, except for a little extra hype I’ve read recently b/c of the 100th anniv. I didn’t realize it wasn’t until 1985 that the ship was finally found!

  4. This. Is. So. Wonderful. I love it! (And Bennet’s faces crack me up, especially the one where he’s looking over Luke’s shoulder as the ship hits the iceberg.)

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