Every once in a while, in the midst of what I sometimes think my daily life consists of:

scrubbing out grass/dirt stains,
stopping back talk/disrespect,
forcing children to separate corners so they stop wrestling/annoying one another, and
making hundreds of pounds of food,

I get to witness a moment that turns me to mush.

Last week was Luke’s first baseball game of the season. As per usual, his brothers are really excited to go to the games in the beginning of the year, and then we get there, and they’re bored after an inning or so (same goes for Luke when he’s the observer). There are a few things one or both of the non-players regularly do to kill time, and they include playing on a nearby playground, laying on their bellies to watch and/or terrorize ants, playing in the dirt, repeatedly asking me to use my iPhone while I repeatedly say no, repeatedly asking for snacks while I repeatedly say no, and playing catch themselves with their gloves and a tennis ball they’ve brought along.

Lather, rinse, repeat, and you’ll get a good idea of what it’s like to be at one of the boys’ ballgames.

Until last Monday night, when I saw one of the sweetest things I’ve ever witnessed.

Bennett and Jack Henry decided to play catch behind the bleachers. Bennett was doing a good job of throwing the ball gently to him (he’s watched his dad do it lots of times, trying to hit the glove so JH can catch it) and Jack Henry was throwing it back. But then, Bennett decided that they should work on grounders for a bit.

Bennett realized that Jack Henry didn’t know much about this, and he decided to teach him. Matt and I watched quietly from the stands.

First, he showed him ready position. And when JH wasn’t doing it quite right, Bennett patiently walked around behind him, sat his glove down, and physically showed him how to do it by helping him bend his knees, squat down a bit, and get his glove closer to the ground. Then he stepped back and rolled the ball along the ground to him, coaching him along the way about when to get his glove down, etc.

Totally heartwarming.

I have no pictures, and I wish I did…not for the sake of the blog, but for the sake of me remembering what a nice moment it was between brothers who currently spend more time fighting than being buddies.

3 responses to “Mush.

  1. This is exactly what I’m waiting for! And thanks for reminding me that most things stay the same (iphone, snacks, repeat). But now they are bringing toys, drinks, socks to each other unprompted, so maybe there is hope….

  2. I can hardly stand the sweetness of this, so I can just imagine how you felt!! It’s especially amazing b/c of what you’ve said about B & JH being a little “oil & water” recently! That Bennett . . . he’s such a softie. One of those moments in time you’d like to freeze!

  3. That is the kind of memory that will always stay with you!

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