Jack Henry, at LONG last, had his first baseball practice ever. He was in a 6-week tee-ball program last year, but it was so minimal that it didn’t feel like the real thing.

This year, he’s playing tee-ball in a new league our local athletic association has set up, and the teams have a few practices before they play their 8-game season.

Saturday was his first practice, and I’m sure I don’t have to explain how completely ready-to-burst excited he was. I mean, this kid has logged hundreds, HUNDREDS of hours at his brothers’ games and practices over the years.

His practice came after Luke had already had a game and Bennett had had a practice, so it had been a long morning of baseball, but such is life in this house.

Please note big brother’s expressions in the pictures below. He was not.happy. that he had to go to Jack Henry’s practice*. I’d love to say that the lecture from me that followed that expression perked him right up and changed his thinking, but that would not be the truth. He sat at a table and pouted for a few minutes, but then he came around.

running the bases!

His season starts on Sunday. Go Blue Jays!

*we don’t always go to practices as a family, but I didn’t want to miss this, plus I had to go pick Luke up from a friend’s house, so we all HAD to leave the house together.

4 responses to “Finally!

  1. I can just IMAGINE how pumped JH was–“the big league” at last!!! The 1st pic of him above–if I’d just seen this out of context, I’d have thought it was an old one of Luke!!

  2. Even wearing the whole get-up! Impressive!

  3. haglerhappenings

    Yay for Jack Henry! Those younger siblings have such an advantage over the 1st borns out there. (Love the looks from the back seat!)

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