Dad’s Wedding

2 weekends ago, my dad got married. I know I haven’t talked about any of this on here, but I really felt like it was mostly not my story to tell.

they were married in the chapel at the cross in effingham! my lifelong friend sonya took this and the next picture, as she was the wedding photographer!

I won’t lie…it’s a very strange place to be, finding your parent dating after the loss of your other parent, especially when they were happily married until one’s death. However, it’s also painful to think about the loneliness of a loss like that, and knowing that my dad had met someone that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with was a good thing.

at the reception

My dad and Annmarie asked me and my siblings + her 2 children, Gianna and Ronnie, to be attendants in the wedding.

It was a really emotional day for me and my siblings. We were honored to be a part of their wedding, of course, but it was hard. For me, part of what made it equally hard and really special was that in addition to both of my parents’ siblings, my parents’ friends were there. These aren’t just any friends…most of the women were my mom’s friends from first grade on who went to school together through high school (some through college, too) and all moved back to Effingham and married (and were bridesmaids in each others’ weddings) and stayed friends. Isn’t that awesome? These were people that knew my mom for 47 years, and have known my dad now for like 38 years, if my math is correct. So for all of them to be there, missing my mom but happy for my dad, well, I think you can understand how we all felt.

My brothers* gave a short but impressive speech at the reception that rocked. I emailed them asking if I could use some of it, and then I asked if I could just include it all, because it was really good, and I was so proud of them. Here it is, with my comments in bold:

Jake: First of all, we’d like to thank everyone for being here with us today. You know we never thought in a million years we’d be in this position. Then again, we never thought our Dad would have an iPhone and text message as much as we do. (Jake got to be the funny guy!) But as we were thinking about this speech, we remembered a lesson we had learned growing up, which was to make the best of every situation we encounter. This was one of the lessons Dad taught us growing up.

Zach: Dad taught us the value of working hard and was an important part in raising what we would consider a pretty solid family. But the most important lesson he taught us is what puts us here today. That’s because he taught us that while we can’t control all that life throws at us, we can control how we handle those situations. And we’re glad that Dad chose happiness over any other route, and we know that Annmarie is a key to that happiness. We’d like to congratulate both of you. Annmarie, welcome to our family.

It really sums up our feelings so well!

So there you have it. A very happy day with some understandable sadness that I’m glad people didn’t try to pretend wasn’t there. Here’s a look at some pictures from the weekend!

*shout out to my sister Hayley, just for being awesome, and my sisters-in-law Michon and Dana for their awesomeness, too.

16 responses to “Dad’s Wedding

  1. Nice job! I love all the pictures 🙂 And and you’re Awesome too 😀

  2. Stacia Fallert

    What a beautiful post! Congrats to your dad! I know your mom is smiling down on them!

  3. Congrats to Rick and Annmarie! I LOVE the picture of them with the Cross! (Sonya – Great Job!)

    The speech was excellent and sums up the only attitude we can have about all that God throw’s at us…. it’s up to us to handle those situations in the best way possible – and you guys seem to be doing it right!

  4. How special Nicole! Love the pictures. Glad to see that God is faithful even when times are difficult! You look beautiful by the way:)

  5. You, your sibs, & their spouses = all awesome!! 😉 Lots of unspoken, yet understood emotions among all the guests, for sure, yet it was a time for family & friends to come together and celebrate the fact that God provides and that your dad & Annmarie have found happiness together! Great pics!

  6. And your husband, Nicole–he’s awesome too!! 😉

  7. Great post! Thanks for the shout-out! We think you’re super awesome, too!

  8. I love the pictures, especially the one of the 4 boys with the cross in the background. Great (or should I say awesome since that seems to be the word of the day) post Nic!

  9. What an unimaginably difficult and wonderful place to be. Congratulations and much happiness for your family!

  10. My mom was re-married a couple of months ago, and while our situations are different, they are the same in many ways! You have summed up a lot of my feelings with a new marriage for my mom after a 30yr. marriage to my dad. In the end, we just want our parents to be happy right?! Congrats to your family!

  11. Nicole, I was so happy to see this post about the Newlyweds. They are so happy. She told me that your Dad is just perfect. What man could resist that??? Think of Annmarie as a “bonus” Mom. I really loved your Mother and I really like Annmarie too! Is your Dad a lucky man or what, to have two great and beautiful women in his lifetime. Congratulations to all!!!

  12. SO glad I got to be with you all for the day.

  13. Nicole, I have been waiting for this blog and understood why you needed to wait a little while to post it. You and your siblings are strong, beautiful, loving, caring people. Jake and Zach could not have said it all better and I am glad you included it in your post–for posterity. You and your Dad mean a lot to us and now we look forward to getting to know Annmarie. You summed it all up very well. Love you all!

  14. I put off reading this until I could really soak it in. Very…awesome.

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