If You’re Going to be a Parent, You Might as Well Get Used to Being Embarrassed.

ESPECIALLY by what comes out at school, when you’re not around to defend yourself. Exhibit A: Bennett Writes a Sentence.

Last Friday, Luke came home from school with the usual paperwork that I looked through while he had his afternoon snack. He likes to draw, so there’s often a small sketch of something drawn (hopefully) during a few minutes of downtime after he’s completed his work. In Friday’s stack, there was a pencil drawing on looseleaf paper that had been quickly sketched out.

It looked like this:

initial thoughts: 1. my kid is so humble. 2. handwriting = still atrocious, but spelling is good.

Sooo…upon closer inspection, I realized that this was a drawing of something he’d seen in real life. Ohhhhh craaaaap.

On St. Patrick’s Day, we took the kids down to Dogtown for the big parade, since Matt’s coworker had just moved into a house on Tamm, which meant we had a place to hang out (deets here). The neighboring house’s porch, lawn and balcony was full of guys and girls in their mid-twenties, who devised a fun game whereby the guys up on the balcony would lower a cup to the porch below, and those below would fill it with beer, and then they’d pull it back up. You know, typical young-friends-having-fun hijinks. Honestly, I didn’t even think that the kids saw it, because they were playing out back much of the time this was going on, while Matt and I chatted with the neighbor guy across the alley and discovered an Effingham connection!

Fast-forward to last Friday at school, when Luke’s teacher is teaching about pulleys in science class. And apparently, this real-life example came to mind for Luke, so he drew it out to share with his teacher, who I really like and who is only a few years out of college herself.

I sent her a little email explaining what exactly it was that he saw and why, and loved that her response was that she loved the transfer from teaching to real-life application. 🙂

I really hope Luke isn’t filing this idea away for college…

6 responses to “If You’re Going to be a Parent, You Might as Well Get Used to Being Embarrassed.

  1. O. M. G.! (I hate that overworked, irreverent expression, but I just can’t help using it here!) His parting comment is so true: he IS awesome!! I can’t believe his memory of the scene was good enough to draw it in such detail! I love it!

    Re: your remark about college–one word: karma . . . and I don’t mean as it applies to his mother! 😉

    • Oh, sadly, there are plenty of karma moments from my college days that I don’t want him or his brothers repeating. But yeah, I’d say his dad was worse 😉

  2. HILARIOUS!!! Just when you think they aren’t paying any attention what so ever. . .It totally cracked me up!

  3. i am super impressed!!! and he is definitely an engineer/architect in training.

  4. Oh, boy…I am already seeing inklings of my almost three year olds remembering things I had NO IDEA they saw or understood. Yikes.

  5. Real world connections are always welcome in the classroom! Too funny!

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