Another Furniture Makeover?

OK, so I hope this is my next $5 garage sale find that I can turn into something pretty and useful for our home! Otherwise, it’s $5 worth of trash.

Also, a note to my beloved: Dear Matt, there is a really ugly table in the garage. Just ignore it when you come home. Love, Me.

It’s hideous right now. And actually, I’ve already cleaned it up…it was DISGUSTING. Mysterious dark spots that wiped away easily + some gum stuck to the legs + a tabletop that was clearly used for glue projects. And I’ve already ripped the broken drawer out of it and threw it away. It’s bad.

Any idea what I’m going to do with it?

5 responses to “Another Furniture Makeover?

  1. I have a table very similar to this in MY garage! It’s hoping to become a train table in the somewhat near future. Good luck with it – I’m sure you’ll do something amazing!

  2. Hmmm. I take it you know what you’re planning to do & you want us to guess–as opposed to asking us for suggestions, right? Either way, I don’t have a clue. Give us a hint; what room in the house will it be used in?

  3. I know I know! PS: I like the legs! Think you should play them up!

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