My Greener Thumb.

Not green thumb just yet, but greener. Things other than kids are growing and thriving around here!

Here’s how the landscaping looked late last summer, right after planting:

sorry it's so dark...this was taken early in the morning.

After it was all planted last fall, we had to spend a serious amount of time watering everything…every plant, at the base, watered 4 times a week. It took a sweet forever every time I watered for the 2 months before fall came, but it was worth it. Only 1 plant didn’t come back up, and 1 more is struggling but may make it. I also had to dig out 2 catmint that should never have been planted where they were; they got GIANT by early April and would have eventually taken over everything (plus, CATMINT? Yuck. The last thing I want is something attracting cats to my yard.). I sold them on Craigslist and replaced them with calla lilies that are struggling a bit…we’ll see if they make it.

Also, that coral bells? That’s its 4th home in 2 years at my house, and it’s still thriving! I hope it makes it here, because I really like it.

Next: back corner. Perfect little area for planting, right? We had a too-large-for-the-space tree removed from here after we moved in, and did nothing last year except plant that raspberry bush in the fall. This year, I removed the rock (er, shoveled a lot of it under the fireplace area), added soil, and planted a bunch of stuff: sunflowers and zinnias, all just coming up from seeds now*; 2 strawberry plants; lots of onions; and some spring-and-summer-blooming bulbs that I can’t remember. Odd mix for this, I realize, but I wanted to see what kinds of stuff did ok in here, and what gets eaten by wildlife.

(Not pictured) On the side of the garage, there was nothing when we moved in. I planted 2 clearance Rose-of-Sharon plants here 2 autumns ago, and they’re doing ok. But what I’ve always wanted was a big row of hydrangeas, and now I’ve got them started (though, I must admit, they aren’t looking that great so far). I told Matt that for Mother’s Day this year, I wanted hydrangeas. He sent me to the store to get them, and I planted them last week (he would have helped; I was impatient). I can’t wait to see these fully bloomed and 4 feet tall!

Last area: the container garden! Not much started here made it to planting outside: only the jalapenos and 1 green pepper plant and 1 basil. The rest I bought at the greenhouse. Also, the boys’ trees. Mercy, I do NOT want another tree throwing helicopters into my yard. Who wants them when it’s planting time? (Zach – I vote for you, for the very back part of your yard. Or Dad, maybe we could take them out to the ground and plant them there!)

*well, they were all coming up. My sweethearts “weeded” the garden yesterday, and plucked probably 50 zinnias that were 2″ tall out of the ground. Per Jack Henry: “Luke said, ‘I’m going to be so mad at myself if these are flowers.'” However, no one came to check with me. UGH. I just threw down all of the remaining seeds, hoping they’ll sprout, too. It should be beautiful mess come July.

3 responses to “My Greener Thumb.

  1. We would totally take a few trees! I have one more to cut down in our back yard and once we get rid of the stumps we want to plant new ones that won’t grow in to the power lines this time…

  2. Coral Bells! Thanks! I have them – never knew what they were called! Everything looks great! I recommend a dwarf lilac somewhere. The fragrance is heavenly!

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