Tooth Saga: Part 2

Since I last wrote about Bennett and his unusual reaction to losing his teeth, he’s lost 3 more teeth, 2 of which I think I’ve mentioned here and there in posts, but for the sake of record-keeping, I’ll recap.

Tooth 1, lost on vacation to Colorado, passed out
Tooth 2, lost at home, passed out
Tooth 3, lost in the middle of the night, came to me with the tooth, passed out
Tooth 4, lost at home while eating breakfast (literally fell out), got woozy but we were able to avoid passing out
Tooth 5, lost at home while watching TV (again literally fell out), did not bleed at all, did NOT pass out (hallelujah!)
Tooth 6, lost last night. Story to follow.

Yesterday afternoon, all 3 boys were playing outside for a while after school with some neighbor boys. As often happens, they played 4-Square, and I don’t know all of the details, but one of the neighbors bumped into Bennett pretty hard (accidentally), and hit his mouth. Right at the spot of his only really loose tooth.

He came inside crying hard and bleeding just a bit, but knowing what had happened: the bump had knocked his loose tooth sideways by at least 45 degrees. He had a hard time calming down, since losing teeth in any fashion is not on his list of favorite things, and he knew that this one was going to come out soon, but in the meantime, it was hurting.

I finally convinced him that icing it would help with the pain and swelling, and after 15 minutes of that, he was okay and didn’t mention it again. He made it through dinner, baseball practice, and brushing his teeth without incident, though at bedtime he still wouldn’t let me wiggle it.

This morning, Bennett was late coming down for breakfast. When he finally got to the kitchen, he pulled me aside and whispered, “Mom, I lost my tooth! Look!” Sure enough, it was gone.

“How did it happen?” I asked.

He pulled me back down so he could whisper to me again, and said, “It just fell out on its own. But, I just realized it when I went to brush my teeth. I lost it through the night. And I checked my bed, and it’s not there. I must have swallowed it!”

Surprisingly, this was not disturbing to him. I rechecked his bed, and I can’t find the tooth either. Though, I will issue a disclaimer: the boys’ room is a Lego landmine disaster right now, so navigating is difficult. It will be picked up today, and I’ll do another thorough search before I can say with 100% certainty that he swallowed it.

UPDATED ON 5.14.12: Bennett just came downstairs after bedtime to hand me the tooth that he just found at the foot of his bed, under his sheets. I’m gagging.


Have you or any of your kids ever swallowed a tooth?

14 responses to “Tooth Saga: Part 2

  1. I did. All four of us kids were in Rick’s bed – the top bunk. We were just playing, but Alison kicked me in the mouth and I swallowed my tooth.

  2. Andrew did! He always waits until the tooth literally falls out on its own. I made pancakes for dinner one night and he swallowed it while eating pancakes!

  3. I know at least one of my brothers swallowed a tooth. I never did. But yeah for not passing out! Fist pump for progress! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, wow! I can’t imagine just swallowing it while sleeping! I can see how it could happen while eating or during some kind of accident/being hit, but ick–while sleeping kinda creeps me out! But, hey, if the idea of this didn’t particularly bother Bennett, then good! It makes for a good story!

    • I know! And Matt reacted to it this morning like it was really gross, and I kept trying to downplay his reaction, because I didn’t want B to freak out since he obviously wasn’t bothered by it!

  5. My daughter swallowed the first tooth she lost (while eating Captain Crunch cereal). Her 2nd lost tooth went down the heat register in the living room.
    We wrote notes to the tooth fairy so she knew what happened to them and luckily she still left money πŸ™‚

    • I love that they always want reassurance that the Tooth Fairy will leave money even in the absence of hard evidence that a tooth has been lost πŸ™‚

  6. at least he didn’t pass out? πŸ˜‰

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