A Sense of Humor.

I’ve noticed lately that my older two boys are starting to really have a sense of humor. Like, they get my jokes, and they can handle Matt’s teasing better, and they make funny, accurate observations.

Both examples I have are baseball-related, well, because that’s all we do anymore.

1. At Jack Henry’s first tee-ball game, which WILL get a blog post at some point, the opposing team was hilarious to watch when a ball was hit to them. Seriously, like 6 kids would run for the ball, and they’d all fall on the ground reaching for the ball with their butts in the air. The boys were laughing, really laughing, at how funny it was, in the way adults would, and at one point, Luke said, “It’s like piglets at the trough!”

First of all, that was true. Secondly, my kid knows what a trough is? Thirdly, he just throws around similes that work?


2. Tonight, Bennett was with me at Jack Henry’s baseball practice. JH has a GREAT coach who is working on small skills with them while maintaining a fun atmosphere. Tonight, he set up a station where the kids were fielding a ball hit to them from a few feet away. They had to get the ball and throw it to “first” a few feet away. But here was the catch: they weren’t allowed to fall down while getting the ball, because their coach had noticed this has become an issue (like they’re all trying to make their plays look amazing or something? We’re not sure.).

To pass the time, Bennett and I stood a little bit away from practice, playing catch. Bennett just couldn’t help but give me knowing smiles and giggles as the coach would jokingly correct a player who was falling down (Jack Henry was still guilty of this even during the drill). It was just so cute to see Bennett get it…how far he’s come in just a few short years. Though, now that I think about it, Bennett has never been one of those kids who was playing in the dirt or goofing off during a game. Baseball is his thing. 🙂

In other news: I worked with Bennett tonight on his bike-riding-without-training-wheels skills, and he’s totally getting it! I ran alongside him for a while this evening while he tried it out, and later, I was chatting with some moms at JH’s practice, and looked up to see him riding his bike, on his own, part of the the way around the track!

One response to “A Sense of Humor.

  1. You told me about the “pigs at the trough” remark when I was over there, and I still can’t believe how cute it is–and, like you said, that he knew what a trough was! Most of my h.s. English students wouldn’t have been able to come up w/ such a vivid simile in their writing!!!

    Cute, sweet Bennett–growing up too and being able to recognize the silliness of the little boys! And I didn’t know he was a “late” bike rider like I was! I know I was the last of my close friends to finally learn to ride a bike!

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