12 Dates in ’12: Date 4

Gah! I almost forgot to blog about this!

2 Friday nights ago, I took the kids down to Zach and Michon’s house so they could spend the night, and we could go out.

It was another 2-Groupon/daily deal date night, starting with a restaurant in the Central West End we’d never been to, and followed by a trip to The Big Bang on The Landing.

Now, when I buy a daily deal to somewhere I’ve never been, I always look for reviews online. Obviously, you have to take them with a grain of salt because so many will just get online to complain that it might not always be a completely fair review. However, you can generally get a good idea of what the place is like. When I bought the restaurant deal back in December to be a part of this gift to Matt, I checked Yelp…everything looked ok.

I happened to look at the Yelp page for this restaurant the day before we were scheduled to go, and it was a good thing I did. It seemed that the restaurant had been treating many of its Groupon customers pretty badly. To me, that clearly indicates that the restaurant doesn’t understand the purpose of a Groupon, which should be to get new customers in the door with a good deal, win them over with your excellent service and outstanding food, and turn them into repeat customers.

That won’t happen when you treat your Groupon customers like second-class citizens.

The deal was for any 2 entrees and any 2 glasses of wine on the menu. Others reported that when they went in to use their Groupon, the most expensive entree (filet) was suddenly “not available” that night…and then, the table next to them without a Groupon would order their meal a little later, and magically, the filet was available. Fortunately, we didn’t have a problem with that, but we did encounter one of the other problems mentioned online, and that was that the restaurant was only giving baskets of bread to their non-Groupon customers. I mean, seriously…how ridiculous is that?

When we asked about it, after seeing another table be brought a basket of bread right after being seated (and prior to ordering anything) but not having any bread at our table, we were told that you had to order salads (not included in the Groupon) to get bread. We asked the host, who spoke English, if this was indeed the case, and he claimed to have just been back from vacation, and that our waitress likely knew better than he did. But, since we made the point of asking for clarification, she came back and told us she’d bring bread like she was being extra-nice to us. Whatever.

It was at this point that I started to worry slightly that someone might spit or worse in our food.

I have to admit: the food was delicious. But we will never be back. I don’t anticipate they’ll even be in business that long, given the way they’ve treated their customers.

So that was interesting.

Also: did you know that if you have a bad Groupon experience, they’ll refund your money or at least give you a $5 credit to your account? I wrote describing the situation, and was honest about poor service/good food, and I got a $5 credit. I’ve only ever had one horrible Groupon experience and they refunded that in full. So if you have a problem, be sure to let them know.

Moving on to part 2 of the night: the other deal, which was for The Big Bang on The Landing (it’s a dueling piano bar, and we hadn’t been since it opened about 10 years ago). Our friends the McGills got the same deal we did and met us there for a very interesting night of people-watching, good drinks, and table singalongs. By far the best part of the night 🙂

All in all, another fun night for the 12 in ’12! Click the logo below for more date ideas!

2 responses to “12 Dates in ’12: Date 4

  1. We ❤ Big Bang!!! Can you send me the groupon if it's still good? We occasionally find coupons for there and use them. Such a fun place. (Although the smoking almost ruins my night – I've grown accustomed to IL and no smoking in public 🙂

    • I think it’s smoke-free…totally didn’t bother me that night, and I’m usually very sensitive to it! The only places in STL that are still allowed indoor smoking are bars that get more than 50% of their business from liquor sales (vs. food).

      Just checked: the deal’s over! Sorry!

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