In Real Life 2

By far the most surprising thing about having blogged for so long now is that I’ve made friends online, real friends, through my blog. People who I’d previously never met but, because of our blog connection, have become my Facebook friends, too, which makes keeping up with them easier.

I never imagined strangers reading what I write, and then me reading what they write, and forging friendships.

Last year, I told you about meeting my friend Laurie from Utah when she was in town. Totally loved it.

Well, a few years ago through her blog, I found Kathy, a Nebraska farm wife and mom of 4: 3 adorable boys and 1 sweet girl.

Kathy and Laurie weren’t friends in real life either, at first…you can read here about how they connected (sad story…have Kleenex at the ready).

And on Monday, I met Kathy at Kayak’s Coffee for breakfast, caffeine, and time to chat face-to-face. Her family was in town to visit her brother-in-law, and she made time to meet with me while she was here.

It totally felt like I was meeting a pen pal I’d known for a long time. I LOVED chatting with her (and I kept Jack Henry, my tagalong for the morning, quiet with French Toast and then, games on my iPhone) and left feeling like I did after I met Laurie: I wish this girl didn’t live so far away.

Ok so next time, it needs to be me, Kathy AND Laurie. Got it, girls?

6 responses to “In Real Life 2

  1. It’s amazing how close you can become to people that you’ve connected with online.

    I’m so glad y’all got to meet!! 🙂

  2. LOVE! It WAS like a meeting an old friend.

    And here me now ya’ll, Nicole is just as lovely in person! Inside and out.

    AND every one needs to meet Jack Henry in person. There are no words for his adorableness. What a trooper!

    Three ladies. Getting together. Will happen. Watch out world!!!

    Love to you friend.

  3. OR ‘hear’ me now. Whichever. ;o)

  4. This is the coolest! Seriously.

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