Update to My Craziest Request Ever

Remember a couple of months ago, when I asked for some help from my readers in figuring out a solution to a problem I had? Jack Henry’s Nana blanket with the pins in it?

Matt’s cousin Becca got in touch with me the same day I posted to the blog. Her husband, Bryan, is a physician with access to an x-ray machine, and they ever-so-kindly offered to x-ray it for me if I’d send it to them. I was so excited!

Before I sent it, I used a super-strong magnet that I borrowed from my friend Jan, and located a couple of pins and marked them ahead of sending it.

Becca and Bryan sent me this after they x-rayed it:

There was one more that I missed! I think this means there were a total of 5 pins left behind, and now removed, from the blanket.

Earlier this week, I got to give it to Jack Henry, who had seen it laying on the living room floor last week when I was working on cutting the pins out (poking them through and cutting off the long part, leaving the heads behind). So he knew what it was when I gave it to him, but here’s a little snippet to show you how happy he was:

Also, gotta love the bickering over everything…

He’s curled up with it every night this week. So, so thankful Becca and Bryan were willing to go out of their way to help us. Thanks again, you two! 🙂

One response to “Update to My Craziest Request Ever

  1. I love “Nana blanket’s” journey back home! Also love the “It’s mine, not yours!” brotherly love. 🙂

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