At bedtime, I always tell Jack Henry (and the other boys, of course!) that I love them so much.

Jack Henry has recently been replying, “I love YOU so much, too, but I love God more.”

And I always say that’s a good thing, that he should love God more, etc.

But this is a new one.

Last night, I said my usual, and he responded with his usual. Followed by, “I love God 100%. But I love you, like, 32%. {pause, pause} No, like 79%.”


5 responses to “Percentages.

  1. Hey, it’s better than eleventy-twelve…….

  2. That’s so you don’t get cocky as a mom . . . there’s always room for improvement!! (As for the original percentage he gave: while I always loved my kids 100%, there were times I didn’t even like them 32%!!) πŸ™‚

  3. haglerhappenings

    Love it! I always rank under God, Jesus, & Santa with Blake.

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