Spelling Test.

I’ve mentioned before that our daily summer plans involve 15 minutes of homework of some type. Today was our first day of following our summer schedule, and the boys asked to do spelling tests for our homework. Fine by me…I’m a spelling nerd, so this is right up my alley.

They have a list from school that has accountable/sight words for each grade level, K-5. Both boys’ classes work ahead on knowing the spelling of grade levels ahead of theirs, so today, Bennett was tested on 3rd grade words, and Luke on 5th.

Right as we were getting started, I saw Jack Henry rooting around for a notebook. He asked if he could do it, too, and I thought, “Sure. Why not?”

I read him most of the list of kindergarten words and just told him to do his best. Here’s his results!

And on can/kan, he struggled and thought about it for a while before deciding on the k.

Sorry to be that bragging mom, but I had to post this to be able to remember it later!

8 responses to “Spelling Test.

  1. Brag away!! That is fantasitc. I’m thrilled that my 3yr old, only child, knows almost all letters by recognition and most of the sounds. Good work Mama!

  2. Way to go, JH!

  3. I’m impressed no end! (Is that “GO” under “DAD”?) How great it is to have kids who are curious, want to learn, & do well! Bravo to you, Mom!

  4. wow, JH!!!! love the “go”!

  5. Always so impressed with all your boys!!! The teacher in me just wants to hug you, Nicole!

  6. Seriously, so impressive! Cole just told me yesterday that V’s and F’s, are, like, pretty much the same lettlers. Uh…no. Not really. But dare I say that JH’s going to be one bored boy in preschool AND Kindergarten! đŸ™‚

  7. I’m so impressed Jack Henry!! Great Job!!

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