Random Beginning-of-Summer Thoughts

1. We’ve started our bucket list! I’m currently sitting in the shade on a bench at “rocket park” while the boys run off some energy, answering their requests for swing-pushing and help climbing as needed. please, God, let them be tired after this.

2. More on the room switch soon, but it’s happened!

3. The 2 older boys are now old enough to notice immodesty (I’m talking about you, mom with the boobs at the park with your tank top that might be your daughter’s). Pool time should be fun this year. Ugh.

4. Disney trip is planned! I can’t tell you how wholly overwhelming this has been. Totally not my kind of vacation. That said, I am, at this point, very much looking forward to our trip!

5. Garage sale in Effingham this Saturday at Matt’s parents’ house (803 Park Hills Dr.). Tons of toys (some vintage) and boys’ clothes size 3T-8, some toddler girls’ clothes, some Here’s the Diehl sale items, tons of wedding decor items, and lots more! Spread the word!

6. The questions I am asked everyday…the sheer quantity is overwhelming me.

7. Bennett lives life at warp speed. It’s not normal. Unless a Cards game is on tv; then, he can be still and quiet for hours.

8. Whoever taught my boys the jinx game is in super big trouble with me. They. Won’t. Stop.

4 responses to “Random Beginning-of-Summer Thoughts

  1. haglerhappenings

    The jinx thing is SO annoying. “Alvin & The Chimpunks” is to blame. And I felt exactly the same way about Disney… nearly in tears while planning but finally got excited the weeks leading up to it.

  2. Hey Nicole – what season is your 3T stuff? My little chunky monkey is already in 18 month so i am expecting 3T next summer/early fall.

    • I’m sure there’s some of both winter and summer…I don’t remember exactly what I have (it’s already in Effingham). Come on by!!

  3. I’m dreaming of these kinds of summer days while trying to “cherish” these moments of re-potty-training the twins and nursing a newborn. Thanks for giving me hope for the future!!

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