People Watching

Dear Guy Who Rolls His Own Cigarettes, Lady with the Mickey and Minnie Cleavage Tattoos, Adorable Little Girl Throwing the Huge Tantrum that Made You Slip on the Wet Pavement (But Not Hurt Anything But Your Ego), and Grown Man in the New Jack Sparrow Hat,

Thank you.

(The people-watching at Disney is FANTASTIC. And I’m sure we’ve provided our own fantastic people-watching for other guests, too.)

And a special mention to those of you wearing lace shirts with either nothing or just a bra underneath: you might not know this, but you’re supposed to wear something under those. Yes, even in hot weather. You’re welcome.

PS rain, rain, go away…we’ve seen more than the standard mid-afternoon Florida thunderstorm this week.

5 responses to “People Watching

  1. We are in Georgia right now headed back from Disney! Hope you have good weather the rest of your trip…Wednesday was horrible weather wise…just about all you could do was people watch. My favorite was the twenty something identical twins with ribbon braided in their long pig tails dressed exactly alike. Keep your eyes out for them…we saw them at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom 🙂

    • Oh. My. Goodness. We saw them! Actually, I saw them once by myself and then without me saying anything to Matt about them, he saw them and called my attention to them! Bizarre.

      • I’m glad you got to see them, I read my description later and decided it didn’t do them justice. The really weird thing was the first time we saw them their mom was video taping them building their own droids in the star wars gift shop. I told my mother in law there could very easily be a people of Disney site like the Wal-Mart one.

  2. Sorry about the rain! And I’m sure the people watching is endless! And does this mean you’re not going to like my new tattoo? 🙂

  3. Stacia Semple

    Hope you’re having fun! Hope my identical twins don’t dress the same or wear pig tails in their 20’s! It’s cute now at 2 months but definitely not in your 20’s. Hoping sunshine comes your way!

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