Have You Ever Heard of a Smoo?

After you read this, you will have!

So, we’re at Disney, packing up our backpacks for our first day out in the parks, and Bennett asks, “Will we be wearing those, you know, smoos?” (sounds like moo like a cow, but with an s at the beginning)

Me: “What in the world are you talking about? What is a smoo?”

Bennett: “You know, that thing you put on in the rain. A smoo.”

Me: “A poncho?”

Bennett, collapsing on the bed laughing: “Yeah. A poncho. Whatever.”

for the record: matt HATES ponchos, and only wore one twice when the rain was just pouring down. he’d much prefer to just be soaking wet, a concept i cannot wrap my brain around. so i cropped him out of this picture, since i love him and don’t want him to be mad at me.

I love adding to our family dictionary of made-up words. This is one we won’t forget.

2 responses to “Have You Ever Heard of a Smoo?

  1. Hahaha, A smoo! I love that new word!

  2. “Smoo” . . . “Poncho” . . . those two have always confused me too!! A true Bennettism! (The picture is a hoot!)

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