Walt Disney World: Hollywood Studios

OK…that little break from Disney was good for writing other posts, but because I’m afraid the details will be lost from my memories soon if I don’t write this down, I need to get back to it…

Hollywood Studios was one of my absolute favorite parts of our vacation!

I think, primarily, because we planned this day more carefully than the others, and that was for one reason only: Star Wars Jedi Training.

I knew from friends who had been there that you absolutely MUST get to the park early if you want to be able to sign your kids up for Jedi Training. The park opened at 8am, and our hotel was a 15 minute walk to Hollywood Studios. When one of the boys suggested sleeping in their clothes for the next day to facilitate an easier wake-up, Matt and I were all for it! We left our hotel on foot at 7am sharp…and by the time we were halfway there, my heart dropped as I saw this GIGANTIC line in front of Hollywood Studios.

We really picked up the pace and made it there in about 12 minutes, and thankfully discovered upon arrival that the line was for people getting FastPasses to get autographs from Star Wars actors later in the day (honestly, none of them were people we even knew of, as most were from the Clone Wars, which we don’t watch). We quick made it through security and got in the real lines to get in. By 7:15, every turnstile was about 6 families deep, and by 7:30, when they opened the park for the day (30 minutes early), the lines were at least twice that long at every turnstile. And every single family was running for Jedi Training sign up. Crazy.

We got them signed up for the 10:45 session (sessions ran all day long, so we definitely got there in plenty of time, but if you’re going and want my two cents: get there before the gates open to ensure your kid’s spot, AND know that your kids MUST be with you in the waiting line to sign up). The boys spotted Star Tours, a 3D adventure ride, and noticed that there was virtually no wait, so they all rode while I went to FastPass the other main thing we wanted to do that day, which was Toy Story Mania.

We killed time before our FastPass window by doing the Backlot Studio Tour (frankly, pretty boring), and the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground (fun, but eh. Not that awesome).

Then, Toy Story Mania time. I think if, as a family, we had to come up with one ride that we all loved, it would be this. Super fun. Sadly, time and rain didn’t allow us a second chance to ride this, as FastPasses are gone by midday for the entire rest of the day.

Jedi Training was next, and it’s just so well done, I can’t say enough fun, positive things about it. The boys’ Jedi Master was really funny, and they made the training enjoyable and like they were in a movie. Fighting Darth Vader was awesome, and Luke was the first volunteer for the job! Here are a few quick videos of the boys:

The rest of the day was filled with The Tower of Terror (Luke and Matt only – Luke said he didn’t want to ride it again, but that it was cool), several character autographs, rain x3, the Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show, a ride through the Great Movie Ride (eh), and the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, which was really entertaining.

{just keeping track of our nights: we left HS around 6pm in a drizzling rain, and rode the ferry back to The Boardwalk. By the time we got back, it turned into a heavier rain that kept up most of the night, so our “hanging out on the Boardwalk” plans were kinda cancelled. We still managed dinner under an awning, which was pizza for the boys and Big River Grille for Matt and me. Early bedtime that night to get ready for our big day at Magic Kingdom, which is coming next!}

We returned a different night to watch the fireworks/light show at Hollywood Studios, which is called Fantasmic. It was definitely the most creative of the nighttime shows at Disney, but know if you’re going with really little kids that it might be kind of scary (lots of the evil witch type characters from Disney movies, but, as you’d expect, good prevails :).

And now…the pictures!

9 responses to “Walt Disney World: Hollywood Studios

  1. You do such a good job documenting in both words and photos! 🙂 We have a pic on that same bug from Honey I Shrunk The Kids with Jessica, age 4 1/2, and Rebecca, age 2 1/2.

  2. GREAT pics! I totally remember the pic of you two from your honeymoon! And, LOVE that you and Matt are color coordinated 🙂 Loved watching the videos of the boys….completely reminded me of Andrew’s experience. Such a great one!

    • thanks! I’ll have to go dig out that picture sometime. And I thought of the color-coordination, too, after I saw the picture! Not on purpose 🙂

  3. haglerhappenings

    You didn’t ride Tower of Terror or Rockin’ Roller Coaster?! Those were 2 of my favs. I can’t count how many times we rode those. But I know for Star Wars fans, the Jedi stuff is pretty cool. Honey I Shrunk… was closed when we were there. We were able to do Toy Story Mania twice, and you’re right… it is perfect for the whole family. 🙂 So cool!

    • I’m not a roller coaster fan at all! The boys really wanted to ride the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, but just weren’t able to. We could have ridden Toy Story Mania all day long though!

  4. So, so, so fun to see & read about all of this! When Matt was the boys’ ages, he’d have died to be able to do the Darth Vader/light saber things!! It’s just amazing how much has been added since we took our kids.

    I don’t remember that honeymoon pic. You both look pretty darned cute in this one!

  5. Adding Jedi training to the list of things to do before my child outgrows Disney… Thanks for another great tip, Nicole!

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