This Is Just So Bennett


Chin resting on a bag of frozen peas to soothe the welt developing from hitting a barstool, while his head scabs over from an errant somersault falling on his head while walking on his hands (I finally got the whole story) yesterday that left a large rug burn.

No wonder his baseball coach calls him Bam-bam.

6 responses to “This Is Just So Bennett

  1. He looks so sad! 😦
    And FYI this is the best use for peas.

    • laughed out loud at the peas comment! my kids really don’t mind them at all!

      his sadness has disappeared in the last 5 minutes…he really has to be injured for something to bother him past a minute or 2!

  2. The rug burn/somersault still boggles my mind. Did he drag his head for 5 feet??

  3. “A picture is worth a thousand words!” (Sigh.)

  4. haglerhappenings

    This is the only use of peas in my house. lol.

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