Wrapping It All Up

Oh, July, where have you gone? Let’s close out the month with some bullets, ok?

-The 2 older boys start school 2 weeks from today. The summer has flown by, but I’m starting to feel ready for our normal routine to return.

-However, I am glad that we have a couple more weeks to go…our summer list definitely did not get completed! I’ll recap later, but I’m most sad about not doing the kid wash sprinkler. But, we purchased all of the components, and I even cut up all of the pieces of PVC, so that will be what we kick off next summer with, I promise.

-Hooray, Team USA! Watching the women’s gymnastics team take the gold tonight, and then the men’s 4x200m relay get gold, too, was really fun.

-Remember how I was all like, “thankfully at least one of our kids won’t need a frenectomy?” WRONG. Last week at the dentist, he decided Bennett should have one, too, to not feel left out potentially allow enough room for his permanent teeth to descend. So we got to do that this morning. Good times, let me tell ya. Long story short: we don’t attempt any dental procedures more complicated than a cleaning sans laughing gas in the future. And I got to ride home with a kid who was playing with 2 animal finger puppets in his own special little world while the last of the laughing gas wore off. That made the stress worth it!

-We bought a new van! This was definitely in the plans for sometime before winter (as the old one needed new tires and we weren’t about to spend that kind of money on it), but we really quick decided last week before our biennial trip up to Wisconsin that we should just go ahead and get the new one instead of getting a squealing belt fixed pre-trip. It was a little crazy in terms of timing, but our dealer made it happen! I’ll be driving this one for 8 years+ like the last, I hope, as long as it’s as reliable as our first Sienna.

-Goodbye, July.

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