He Can Never Leave Again.

Last weekend, Matt and 4 friends of his went to the Lake of the Ozarks. It was the group of guys from our small group, and we wives were happy that they finally planned something and actually did it, since we annually make a fall trip to Chicago and have no qualms about leaving them home for the weekend with the kids.

Friday night was great…4 of the 5 of us girls (one couldn’t find a sitter – boo) who were left behind got sitters/family members to watch our kids, and we went for pedicures and then dinner. Lovely start to a weekend alone with the kids.

And then that night, there was a huge, loud thunderstorm. Normally, I love storms if they’re not accompanied by a tornado, but I have to admit that I love them less when Matt’s not here*. As of last spring, the boys were champs at sleeping through storms, but since we’ve not had any for so long, two of them woke up and came into my room to sleep. So from about 4:15 on, no one slept great. Oh well…not a big deal.

We spent the morning around the house, with me working on laundry and etsy stuff and getting the boys’ fall clothes out to see what we had. Around 10:30 I opened the blinds to discover this:

Someone had vandalized our landscape lighting. Tore all of the posts out (they even stuck one out in the middle of the yard), and ripped all the wiring from underground as well. I was so angry I was shaking. I just don’t understand why…why is it fun to destroy someone’s property? While theft is a horrible thing to be a victim of, at least I understand the mentality that someone wants what I have, so they take it from me. But destruction simply for the sake of destruction? I don’t get it. And from my discussion with a police officer and my neighbors, I found out that this has been going on in various forms in our neighborhood a lot lately…paint in people’s fountains, paintballing cars and sidewalks, busting out car mirrors, etc. Not cool.

We’re hoping to be able to reuse the light fixtures, and the wiring was at least not ripped from the wall, so the electricity should still work throughout. Sigh.

Saturday’s stress gave me a lovely fever blister that I’m still fighting.

Just as I was ready to settle in for a quiet night of watching the Olympics and working on etsy stuff, I realized that the storm that I’d seen on the radar earlier was not going to pass south of us, but rather, it was coming straight through. Luckily, it lost a bit of steam as it made it to our area, but it was still a huge storm. Super thankful for the rain…not thankful for that one bolt of lightning that hit my DVR, thus wiping out all recorded TV shows/movies. Tomorrow, I get to wait for the Charter repairman. Yay.

So. Clearly, this happened because Matt was gone. šŸ˜‰

All of this is behind us now, and I’m looking forward to the week ahead…our last before school starts!

*I was going to write a whole separate post about this, but let’s be honest, I stink at blogging lately, and it might not happen. My sister WAS here both nights with me, which I’m so thankful for! Hayley’s living with us for a couple of months as she transitions out of her old job and into school and a new job. Later this fall she’ll be moving into her own place again, but in the meantime, we are LOVING having her live with us! This completes the Pals sibling trifecta of all 3 of them living with us at some point.

3 responses to “He Can Never Leave Again.

  1. I agree with your reasoning – Matt should probalby never leave without you or the boys or both again…. šŸ™‚
    Speaking of DVR – i need to learn how those things work – who knew me telling it to record all olympic coverage would wipe out EVERYTHING else we had and loved on there…. like all the movies we had recorded from our month of free HBO, Cinemax almost a year ago….. ugh….. at least now I know there is no good reason to keep entire seasons of shows that I have no intention of watching on there – at least not during the olympics. šŸ™‚

    • oh no…that stinks! I’m sad about losing a couple episodes of shows I still wanted to watch post-Olympics, and also the E.T. movie we’d recorded.

  2. I love living with you guys!! And appreciate it so much!!

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