I love to hear stories of people overcoming odds to make a success of their lives somehow. These past two weeks of Olympics have been, of course, filled with stories of athletes overcoming poverty, abuse, injury, etc. to become elite athletes who make their countries proud.

Sidenote: Speaking of which, America? Embrace this guy. Who runs 200m with a completely broken fibula? Manteo Mitchell, that’s who. He felt a snap in his leg halfway through his leg of the 4×400, and didn’t even slow down. I hope he heals completely and returns to the Olympic stage in 2016.

OK, back to my point: resilience is an admirable quality. And we got our own little reminder about blooming where you’re planted, literally, these past few weeks.

As most of the country knows, we’re in a drought. It’s been bad here in St. Louis, with 3 or 4 total rainstorms that I can remember since late spring. I’ve watered this one area of our landscaping like crazy, where I planted tons of zinnias, some dahlias (seriously the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever grown), a raspberry bush, some onions (random, I know, but they grew well), and some sunflowers.

In early July, we had a huge storm one evening, and the morning after, I went out to the garden area to find tons of my plants knocked over. The 2 tallest sunflowers were, at the time, in the vicinity of 3 feet tall. They weren’t broken at the base, so I left them in hopes that they might upright themselves after a couple of days of sun. Didn’t happen.

But the coolest thing did start happening.

Though laying down, they started growing upwards again.

sorry for the weird cropping, but this little cutie wanted in the picture, and i didn’t realize i’d photographed our street sign, so i cropped it out.

And this week, they bloomed. This largest one that I took pictures of actually has 8 blooms on it, with 3 open now. Isn’t that cool?

doesn’t make for the prettiest garden, but i’ll take it, anyway!

So there you have it…my cheesy, kumbaya reminder to do what you’re born to do. Bounce back from adversity stronger than you were before.

2 responses to “Resilient.

  1. That is SO COOL!! Very odd but pretty!

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