Likes/Dislikes: Early Fall 2012 Edition

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a things I love/things I don’t love right now list!


1. I bought mums yesterday! Yes, it’s early, but they were super-cheap at Sam’s Club, and they look great.

2. Huge smiles on the boys’ faces when they talk about school.

3. Daydreaming (including pinning to Pinterest) about remodeling our bathrooms and redecorating our living room. Totally just daydreams for now, but will someday come true.

4. Daydreaming (including pinning to Pinterest) about the craft room I’ll never have. People say it’s good to have dreams, but I’m not sure it’s good to have dreams about something that will literally never be happening. Might need to let this one go…

5. Making lists of things I’m going to do this fall…lots of projects around the house that have sat unfinished (or even unstarted!) for way too long. So much painting in my future.

6a. Weather that doesn’t make you feel like you’re literally being roasted by the sun.
6b. Fall is really coming, and that means pumpkin in food, Leaves Bath & Body scent in my house, and scarves around my neck. I am so happy I could dance.

7. This commercial:

I like this one, too, but only because of Dylan.


1. Bumper stickers. From political stickers to “my dog is smarter than your honor student” (that one makes me want to vomit) to “Trees are the answer.” (so. stupid. Trees are not the answer to “5+5” or “how do we fix the issue of lack of clean water for all people.” Trees are fantastic, but they’re not “the answer.”) Not a fan.

2. Skinny, bright-colored jeans for boys. Utterly ridiculous. Matt would have my head examined if I bought these for our boys.

3. “Keep Calm and…” anything signs. Done.

4. 7:35 school start time. Not my favorite.

Chime in!

7 responses to “Likes/Dislikes: Early Fall 2012 Edition

  1. #4….Tiffany hangs her head in shame for the post to Joe McGills status yesterday….

  2. Those “keep calm” signs drive me crazy too!

    I’m always anxious to see what projects you accomplish! Helps to motivate me!

  3. Great list! I love fall weather. Hate fall allergies. Love that we finally told Blake about the tooth fairy. And that he lost his tooth today with zero anxiety. 🙂 Another dislike: Daily play-by-play fb status updates like: “Went to the store, picked up the dry cleaning, worked out, made dinner. Soon it’s off to bed.” Did we really all need to know that? lol.

  4. okay, i’m dying at the “trees are the answer” comments! and the multi-colored jeans-for-boys! i have yet to see these on a boy in chicago yet–i’m sure it’s just a matter of months….

    need to pay closer attention to bumper stickers. that is some good stuff.

  5. wait, i have no idea about these “keep calm” things!

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