12 in ’12: Date 7

Phew. This date did not quite go as planned. But it was still fun, and it gave us an idea of another date (or, potentially, family outing), that we’d like to do soon!

The original plan was to go to a Cardinals game and then to Three Sixty, the downtown rooftop bar (I love rooftop bars/restaurants. A lot.). However, Matt had just gone to a game a couple of weeks ago, and we didn’t have tickets yet, so we just came up with another idea together, and that was that we’d go spend some time in Forest Park.

Specifically, we decided to go to 2 places we’d never been before: The St. Louis Art Museum (I know, it’s shameful that we’ve lived here 13 years and never been) and then The Boathouse for dinner (again, I know). We had a bit of a time limit, as we could only head down to the park around 2:15pm, and SLAM closes at 5, but since we’d never been, any time there was better than none.

80 degree day + Saturday in Forest Park = atrocious traffic and parking situations, but we worked it out, and walked about a 1/4-mile to the art museum, excited to explore something new when we arrived there around 3:15.

We spent 45 minutes walking through, admiring lots of cool (and let’s face it, some really freaking weird – see pictures later) art, impressed that for the first time in my life, I was standing feet away from Picassos and Monets and Manets and Seurats.

And then, it happened. Matt’s phone rang, and it was a local number, but not one that we recognized. He let it ring a time or two, and we decided he should answer it. Thank goodness we did…it was the dispatch service for our burglar alarm system, which was currently going off. And the police were headed to our house.

You know that feeling when your stomach falls and adrenaline starts rushing through your body? That.

We headed very quickly back to our car. I called my sister, who had the boys at a nearby park, and asked her to drive home immediately to meet the police, since she was easily 30 minutes closer to our house than we were. In the meantime, our neighbor, who I was just getting ready to call, called me to ask if I knew what was going on, and to tell me that my house had police all around it (dear neighbors, glad we could provide some entertainment on an otherwise-quiet Saturday afternoon in the ‘hood.).

Long story short, there appears to be no evidence that someone tried to break in…we think we had a faulty sensor on a window, which we’ll get checked out by our alarm company. Thankfully, this all got ironed out before we left Forest Park, and when it was evident that we didn’t need to meet with the police, we stayed where we were. Obviously, we’re super-relieved that it appears to have been a glitch and not a real issue, and thankful for our neighbors, the police, and my sister, who all jumped into action when it was needed.

So, it was too late to walk back to the museum at this point, and we were already hungry, so we headed for an early dinner at The Boathouse. Great atmosphere, very fair prices, great service and food that’s good enough…let’s face it; people are primarily going there for the location and the ambiance, not the food. Good servers make it good enough that we’d go back.

We ended the date by heading over to the Loop for a drink at the Moonrise Hotel’s rooftop bar, where the people watching was excellent. Loved that we could end our night out in totally relaxed fashion.

We got home early enough to be able to watch The Hunger Games, out on DVD yesterday! Seemed appropriate to watch it on another 12 in ’12 date (date 2 also involved watching this movie!), and it was fun to have my sister watch it with us, since she hadn’t seen the movie or read the book yet.

We’ll definitely be back to the art museum soon, as we didn’t get to see very much of it. Plus, it’s free!

Happy dating, friends 🙂

5 responses to “12 in ’12: Date 7

  1. The moonrise is a fabulous people watching spot late at night. It always reminds me, when I’m sitting on the couch listenig to guys pick up girls, how thankful that I am out of the dating scene. Always entertaining at night. Glad you enjoyed our hood.

  2. First, wait. Hayley’s not read The Hunger Games??

    OK, back to the “scene of the potential crime”–I’m SOOOO happy nothing had happened, but oh wow–what drama!! No kidding about providing some excitement for the neighbors, as well as Hayley/boys!!

    The date sounded great to me! You know, I’m sitting here trying to think of one single time I’ve ever been to an art museum, and I’m just positive I haven’t. It was on our list of possibilities in Chicago when my girlfriends went there last summer, but we didn’t make it. So I’m glad you guys went. I know I’d enjoy seeing some of the beautiful works (I really enjoyed my one art apprec class from college!), BUT I’ll never appreciate or “get” the modern artists who throw splotches or just draw lines or whatever, and these “works” sorta p*ss me off! Anyway, the Boathouse & Moonrise parts sounded fun–and, of course, Hunger Games.

    • I know…Hayley hasn’t read it yet!

      The art museum was so much more fun than I thought it would be (and I didn’t go into this thinking it’d be boring). We haven’t been to the modern art section yet, so I’m sure I’ll be scratching my head when we return and see some of this!

  3. love me some rooftop bars!!! and so glad everything was ok on the homefront–how scary!

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