Thank You, Lunch Bunch

It’s 11:30am on a Tuesday, and do you want to know where I am?

Here’s a hint:

i feel the need to clarify that i went over to his side of the booth, and then returned to my own side of the booth after the picture. i think it’s creepy when couples sit next to each other at a restaurant instead of across from each other. that is all.

I’M AT A RESTAURANT. With my husband. And no children.

And it’s all thanks to lunch bunch, the after-school lunch program at Jack Henry’s preschool.

For an extra $30 a month, he gets to stay one day a week after preschool and have lunch and extra playtime with the other kids who stay the additional hour and 45 minutes. If you do the math, $5/hour is some pretty darn cheap childcare educational fun for my littlest boy.

Me getting an extra six hours a month isn’t the impetus for us deciding to have him do lunch bunch once a week, though. Our school district has gone to full-day kindergarten (hold me), so next year, Jack Henry will jump straight into everyday, all-day school without the grace year of half-day kindergarten that his brothers had. I wanted him to have the experience of staying longer at school, so we have something to build on for next year, but I didn’t want him gone all day (hence the need to move him to a new preschool this year).

So lunch bunch is the perfect, economical choice. He was SO excited to head to school today with his lunch box in hand!

6 responses to “Thank You, Lunch Bunch

  1. It’s a great thing…for you AND him!

  2. love it! 🙂 and i couldn’t agree more with your disclaimer. it was soooooo awkward when i was waitressing and couples were sitting like that on each other.

  3. What a great program! He looks only SLIGHTLY excited!!! And good for you! 🙂

  4. If you were half of a same-side couple, I’d be reconsidering our friendship.

  5. If he can read that note himeslf, you better be ready for them to ship him right to 2nd grade! 🙂 Super cute pics!

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