Fall 2012 TV

Keepin’ it really light around here today…

New Girl starts tonight. I am SO excited. And there are TWO new episodes, not just one. Hooray!!

Here’s what else I’m watching at the start of the season:

The Mindy Project – I have high hopes for this.

The Office, wrapping it up with a final season.

Go On, which I’m so far liking, not loving. We’ll see if I keep watching this.

Revenge – oh my goodness, I can’t wait for this to start again! September 30th. We’ll be glued to the set.

Of course, there’s the occasional episode of Honey Boo Boo that I can’t seem to stop watching (if you haven’t seen it, just watch for a few minutes, and then know that, combined with Jersey Shore/Real Housewives/Long Island Medium {sidenote: are you even kidding me with that crap? Do people actually watch that and believe it?} and the like, this is why the world hates America). And occasionally, I’ll brace myself enough to endure the hideous Christina Aguilera and her boobs and Cee-Lo and his pink bird to watch The Voice.

Has anyone see Breaking Amish on TLC? I’m super-intrigued, having grown up less than hour away from a large Amish community. I’m going to have to DVR a marathon and save it for a rainy day.

What are you watching?

16 responses to “Fall 2012 TV

  1. I’m really disliking the idea of the Breaking Amish series. I’m fascinated, but don’t know if I can watch it. It begs the question “Is nothing sacred?” I fear one of those girls is going to end up movin’ on over to Teen Mom…

    • True. I hadn’t thought about how it might be completely watching someone self-destruct. However, I am fascinated by a commercial I saw for the show, where one of the girls had had all of her teeth pulled at 19, and had dentures made. Which made me google why that would be done, and it’s for several reasons, apparently: so that they don’t have to take their kids to the dentist, they’ll have all teeth pulled and replaced, or if a girl reports sexual abuse, it’s done as punishment. WHAT? Not what I grew up believing about the Amish…

  2. Amazing Race and The Good Wife for me!!! Will not watch Honey Boo Boo – saw 3 minutes of one time and couldn’t go back… worse then Cheap Bourbon Whiskey and Pearl Snap Shirts on repeat….. 🙂 (well maybe not THAT bad…) 😉

  3. can’t wait to see the mindy project, totally want to catch breaking amish, and honey boo boo is just pure entertainment! haven’t heard of new girl–must look into that. i need some tv shows to get into BADLY! i also will watch the singing shows if they’re on, too.

  4. Oh we are watching Parenthood, Grimm and Revolution! Seriously, we don’t have a DVR and this is actually quite challenging because I have to remember what channel and what time and what day stuff is on….

  5. Love love love Parenthood. Such a great show! Sometimes the voice. Will have to look into some of these other ones!

  6. Parenthood, The Mindy Project, Go On (which I’m only liking as well), Revolution (mainly for the hubby), New Girl, Parks & Rec, Raising Hope, Two Broke Girls (I don’t know why I like this one but I do!), I’m sure there’s more. Lately I’ve been watching One Tree Hill on Netflix starting from Season 1 during nap time. I love that show.

  7. Parenthood, Revenge, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Law and Order SVU, The Middle, Modern Family, and Biggest Loser 🙂
    Way too many 😉

  8. Hello — parenthood!!! It’s my favorite show. Also the good wife, revenge, modern family, and the new girl.

  9. I started watching Breaking Amish–was very intrigued by it before it started! After just the 1st episode, I thought there was such an odd contradiction b/w their complete innocence/ignorance about certain things & their very up-to-date slang & knowledge about some things I couldn’t imagine they had. After watching the 2nd episode, I googled “Is Breaking Amish for real?” and couldn’t believe all the hits that came up!! Try it–you won’t believe how utterly fake the whole show it–they have ALL left their former lifestyles long before this show; a couple of them were married; a couple have kids; etc. Check it out!

    I think some of the other shows sound good. I wish I’d gotten started watching Revenge. 😦 I’m patiently waiting for The Good Wife & Grey’s Anatomy (even though, yes, I know it bears no resemblance to reality).

  10. REVENGE!!! I just totally get sucked into that show! Also, Amazing Race (Jake and I pretend to act like we know what we’d do/how we’d act if we were running the race! haha). And of course, those singing shows make good background noise.

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Revenge. I will also be watching the Mindy Project. There is a couple at church – their son who is in his early thirties – he has a guest spot on next week’s episode. Kinda cool!

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