He’s 5. And He Wants You to Know It.

Today, my baby boy turns 5. And he’s pretty pumped about it! Exhibit A, after his shower last night:

As is the custom in our family, he gets to pick where we have dinner tonight. In discussing some options, he asked, “How many places do you know that have balloons?” From that answer he chose Red Robin. Oh, to be five. I mean, when was the last time you chose a restaurant based on whether they gave out balloons or not?


When I think back to five years ago, these are my memories:

1. I was the first induction of the morning, meaning the hospital could call anytime after 4am, I believe, and tell us when to be there. For obvious reasons, sleep was fleeting that night for me (but not for Matt, of course), so around 4 I just decided to grab the phone, get up and go sit in the bathroom (on the closed toilet seat!) with a stack of People magazines. And they didn’t call until like 6am, telling us to be there at 8am. It seemed like FOREVER.

2. I can totally remember how excited I was to meet him. And more than that, to know him. Having had the experience of parenting his 2 older brothers, who were so different from each other as babies, I couldn’t wait to just figure out what he was like.


Five years into being his mom, I’m so thankful for him. In the months after he was born, in the “I’m a baby and I need care 24 hours a day, so don’t try to do anything else with your life” stage, he (along with his brothers, of course) was a wonderful distraction from the sadness of knowing my mom didn’t have much longer. I honestly think he made it easier to get back into everyday life after she passed, because let’s be honest: I could have stuck the other two in front of the TV all day if I just couldn’t deal, but a 9 month old isn’t going to let you do that. I HAD to get back to living my life, and pronto. And I think it helped to just have to jump back in to parenting these 3.

Jack Henry’s such a perfect fit for our family…funny and (mostly) mellow, witty and quick with a comeback. While I do very much enjoy our short time apart while he’s at preschool (my friend Karen suggested last week that a break from your preschooler might be medically necessary, and I tend to agree), I really love spending my days with him and getting to see life through his eyes.

Pictures to come later, after his birthday dinner and presents!

3 responses to “He’s 5. And He Wants You to Know It.

  1. I know that ALL kids are gifts from God; really, I know that, but Jack Henry was SO God-sent!! 🙂 The timing of his birth & his personality were, as you said, exactly what you needed at a very dark time for your family. God’s so smart! 🙂

    I love that little guy so much! He’s a cute little bulldozer, a rugged teddy bear!! He’s been my board game buddy, & I’ve loved spending more time w/ him as a toddler & little boy than I did his brothers now that I’m retired! Adorable, funny kid–the perfection completion to your family!

  2. I so just love your posts…….I have said it before and I will say it again…….You make me want to be a better mom!

  3. Beautifully written (and I’m not just saying that because you mentioned me). I hope Red Robin totally rocked.

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